Monday, November 11, 2013

Father's Love

I am one lucky girl to have a Dad like mine. He's fun, the life of every party and recently he's becoming a social media pro. Well, bless his heart. Although he means well...he just sometimes struggles a teensy weensy bit.

Like the time he he sent a friend request to every person in my Mother's contacts...including all her work contacts. Yikes. I got a message from a girl at work saying 'Um, why is your Dad trying to friend me on FB?' I called my mom...'TAKE THE iPHONE away from him!!'

Well today, I was scrolling through the FB wall posts and came across this. It didn't send me a notification that my Dad tagged me in a post, which is sweet, because he knows I've always loved horses and that means he was thinking of me, but you see...he had a few little problems.

#1 - He spelled my first name wrong
#2 - He was a little confused about my married name vs my maiden name

However, I will say that even though at times he is FB challenged. I think it's awesome my Dad has jumped on the social media wagon, he will always be tall, dark hair and handsome and no one smells as good as my Dad. Seriously...ask anyone. 

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