Monday, November 11, 2013

Father's Love

I am one lucky girl to have a Dad like mine. He's fun, the life of every party and recently he's becoming a social media pro. Well, bless his heart. Although he means well...he just sometimes struggles a teensy weensy bit.

Like the time he he sent a friend request to every person in my Mother's contacts...including all her work contacts. Yikes. I got a message from a girl at work saying 'Um, why is your Dad trying to friend me on FB?' I called my mom...'TAKE THE iPHONE away from him!!'

Well today, I was scrolling through the FB wall posts and came across this. It didn't send me a notification that my Dad tagged me in a post, which is sweet, because he knows I've always loved horses and that means he was thinking of me, but you see...he had a few little problems.

#1 - He spelled my first name wrong
#2 - He was a little confused about my married name vs my maiden name

However, I will say that even though at times he is FB challenged. I think it's awesome my Dad has jumped on the social media wagon, he will always be tall, dark hair and handsome and no one smells as good as my Dad. Seriously...ask anyone. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Insert COMMENTS here ---->

My friends, I am in  need of some advice. You can leave it here or email me:

Here is the dilemma:

Jayden is approaching 8 years old. We live in a community and have relatives that are active in the LDS church. As many know, 8 is the age when most kids are baptized into the LDS faith. I am a member of the church, although not active and have not been for awhile. I have been to church with Jayden a few times when I've needed some clarity, some grounding or other reasons. I was active in the church in my younger years, sometimes by choice and sometimes by force. (I deserved both I will add)

Jayden is not active, and not really familiar with ANY kind of religion at all. Something I'd like to change, but not sure where is the right path. My spouse is not a member of the church and isn't interested in going to that church or any other at this point, which is fine and I respect his choice. I am a firm believer in to each their own. However, I can't help but feel by not attending some type of church that I'm neglecting the little tender spiritual lives of my boys.

I do have a partial (Is that even possible?) testimony of the Church. I'm just not a believer in all the requirements that come with it. I have a difficult time believing that my God, with whom I believe to have a relationship with, would keep me away from my family in the afterlife because we aren't sealed. If religion resides within us and our personal faith, and our hearts, I strongly believe that those with pure hearts and love won't be kept from each other in the after life. My heaven is reuniting with those who have gone before me and waiting to see those who've yet to pass until we're all together again. That isn't my only qualm, but an example of my questions.

I do not discriminate on any religion, I do not believe in ONE true church. But I certainly don't want to hold Jayden back if he truly wants too go to LDS church with his friends, which he has voiced. 'Mom, when I turn 8 will Dad dunk me in the water at the church?'

We've talked about how Dad couldn't do that, but he has a Uncle here and Great Uncle in St. George that would be very honored to help him do that. At the same time, I've voiced to Jayden that this isn't a decision that I feel good about him making at 8. It is different from my Sister's home where they've all been raised in the church and have a background there. I just don't believe 8 years old is old enough to make that kind of commitment to a religion and not put the effort into learning the belief and following all that comes with it. I offered to Jayden I would take him to church if he wanted or even many of our neighbors would love to have him I'm sure.

It stands to reason that this would become a conversation at some point in our lives, when we live in such a highly saturated community where LDS is the prominent religion and he's been introduced some by me, but a lot of his friends at school and cousins.

I also wonder if he goes to LDS church, should I also expose him to the local community church where our Grandma goes? This is all so new to me and I don't want Jayden to feel like he can't explore religion or because Mom doesn't go he can't, because that certainly isn't my intent. But I also cannot wrap my mind around 8 being old enough to say he's ready to jump in. I also don't feel that it would be bad for him either for some type of relationship with Heavenly Father.

Advice? Criticism? Love? I'm ready.....
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