Monday, October 21, 2013

The Flying Nun's

I’m not sure if Nun’s really fly, my experience is very limited. I attended a banquet to honor the Sisters of St. Benedict's in Ogden last week and it was amazing. What a great tribute and for me, an education about the role of The Sisters in what is now Ogden Regional Hospital.
There were 5 of the Sisters who flew back to Utah for the final tribute and unveiling of a monument at Ogden Regional where over 159 names of Sisters are listed for their service over the years. One of which they call Sister Stephanie. She was so fun to watch, you’d never guess she was 85 years old as everyone she talked too would just light up at the sound of her voice and warm embrace she offered. My mom leaned over and whispered ‘Sister Stephanie took care of Grandma during her stay at Ogden Regional, and she loved her.’ My grandma passed away when I was only 8 years old, so with my memories limited I cling to any person I can that knew her or had part in her life.
The Sisters are no longer at Ogden Regional, as this year they returned to their home state of Minnesota. After over 69 years of service, the vital role they had played at the hospital had come to an end. I was so surprised to learn all they had given over the years to the hospital. They really devoted their lives to caring for the ill and made a significant impact on the Ogden community. They would visit patients, offer blessings and taught nurses, with over 300 graduating RN’s in their classes. During a time when many were in War, the Sisters were called to Utah from Minnesota to help build a hospital and teach nurses. Each has a degree and has devoted their life to God and serving others.

The evening was spent with people in the community, a fabulous dinner and a few video tributes for the women who gave so much. From each seat paid at the event, a portion went to raise funds one last time for the many charities the Sisters were a part of. It was neat to see the Nun’s in their attire and there were a few priests as well. I’m not familiar with the Catholic religion, but find it very interesting. No question about any one person’s choice of religion in the room, Catholic or no,t you could feel the love and admiration for these amazing group of women.

At the end of the night they gave everyone a greeting card, the kind with a recorded message inside. The Sisters over the years had sang a Blessing Song, they would stand together and lift their hands high and sing together ‘May the Blessings of the Lord be upon you’. It was a token so that in a time of need, you could open the card and have the blessings of the Sisters. I brought it home that night and was telling Casey about the Sisters, and Heavenly Father. We’re not active in a church so he doesn’t get much the topic. He asked where Heavenly Father lives and why we can’t see him. We talked about being in Heaven and that we have people watching over us and keeping us safe. I opened the card so he could listen to the Sisters sing and he was memorized by their voices. We play it each night and he sits quietly listening to the song, last night he said ‘These ladies love us don’t they?’

Yes, yes they do.

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