Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Have you ever asked yourself, “What did I do to deserve this?”
I have. Many a times.
I’m not sure on the answer to that question, but I still continue to ask it. Mostly when it comes to raising two although small in stature, ginormous in attitude, boys. Whom I think might be trying to kill me.
 It’s possible.
Jayden as most readers know, is the ring leader.
Every single thing you say to him he argues. It’s almost like a nervous TICK. I mean he cannot accept any kind of information without instantly disputing it. No matter who says, no matter when.
You could say the sky is blue and he’d shout ‘No it’s NOT!’ His cousin says ‘I have a quarter in my pocket’ and he’d yell ‘No you don’t!’
When I tell him to stop doing something, he tells me WHY he’s doing instead of stopping the action. Like, if I only knew his explanation this would make me change my mind.
‘Jayden, stop jumping on the furniture’ ‘Jayden, put down the iPad’ ‘Jayden get away from the pond’ ‘Jayden, stop splashing water everywhere’
‘But I’m having fun!’ or ‘We’re wrestling.’

Or how about when our kids TELL us what they are going to do, instead of asking. My sister and I just had this conversation via text.
Her teenage girl tells her what she’s going to do and my Sister replies
‘Mom, my friends Dad said I could go with them to a Haunted House Friday.’
Mom response ‘Well, he’s not YOUR Dad so good luck with that.’
Lisa asks me, ‘What did we do to deserve this?’ Why is it a constant argument with our kids.
My response….
It’s really quite simple. We were obviously total bitches in a past life.

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