Friday, October 25, 2013

Mommy Proposal

Casey is really quite the love bug. He loves to snuggle, loves to just BE with you. You’ll hear him often say  ‘Mommy, can you come lay with me?’ or  ‘Mommy, come watch me.’
 If you are on the same piece of furniture, this little man is nestled into you. Love it.
He also is very giving in telling you he loves you. Sometimes when he’s done naughty things…like when he hits you and you ask ‘Casey, why are you hitting?’
‘Because I love love love you!’
I’m not sure if he’s confused as to what love means or just brilliant.
The other night when I had been in his bedroom for the hundredth 10th time, I was lying next to him and he wrapped his arms around my neck and whispers....
‘Mommy, is it wossbile for you to be married to Daddy AND me?’
Oh dear. *swoon*
It’s really not fair my friends, I’ve never stood a chance.

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