Monday, April 15, 2013

Breaking Bones

I've managed to keep up the running. I'm not quite sure if what I'm doing can actually be called running. You see, I still can't seem to hold a jog for very long...I am still working on my breathing and it's coming easier. Until last week...

I went for my normal run, and as with every other day, my legs took a little bit to get warmed up and they are the usually sore and tired. Well, this time my ankles were killing me. Every time I would step off to run or jog, this horrible pain in both of my ankles would occur. Similar to Kathy Bates in the Misery film when she slammed the guys ankles with the sledge hammer? Yes, quite similar. 

Well of course, I figured it was my body telling me to just run through it! So I kept going, thinking they would warm up eventually. Well they didn't. I got home and told Cory my ankles were hurting, so after attempting to walk around in sheer agony, I gave up went to bed. 

The next morning, I got up for work, they still hurt but not as bad. I put on my heels and headed to work. I was telling a coworker about it later that night and as I'm telling her, she looks down at my ankles and the most horrific look comes across her face 'Um, Kimberli. Have you LOOKED at your ankles today?' 

Why no! I sure haven't. Well, you see there was a teeny weeny problem with both my ankles. Apparently, the pain had pissed something off and both my ankles looked like there were small softballs protruding out of my skin. 

Ha ha. Oops. 

I called my sister and she informed me that in fact, an ankle SHOULD NOT look like this! She said I could have done severe damage to the tendons in my feet and that I needed a good pair of running shoes ASAP. Also, I needed to take some time away from running. 

Well, it's been over a week and I've done my elliptical a few times but no running. I'm bummed because it took me so long to build up even the littlest of endurance I had, so I guess I'll start over and keep going. 

I did find my a great pair of asics shoes, I'm excited to give them a try!

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