Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2005

Every love story is different. I do believe people can experience more than one love story, I know I have. I also believe that my true love story began nine years ago when a close friend called to offer a listening ear and comfort in a time of need. Little did I know, he'd be offering so much more. Just one week shy of the one year after that first phone call when our friendship sparked rapidly, passionately and effortlessly into so much more. I walked down the isle with a smile on my face and love pouring from my heart..into the arms of my soul mate, best friend, cheerleader and confidant; to say the two most powerful words in love and commitment. 

I. Do. 

We have had many ups and downs, a lot of which are featured in this blog of mine. (PS..This happens to be my 400th post!) Even now, we've had a lot of changes in our life and made hard decisions, even harder compromises. 

Over the course of our 8 years of marriage, I've learned many things. One of those things that never ceases to ring true, is there is no such thing as perfect love. A perfect love exists only when you realize that there is 'perfection' in all the imperfections, if no other reason than simply because they are yours.  

I'm lucky to have a partner who makes me feel wanted everyday, and by the simple touch of his familiar hands can heat my blood in an instant. I wish we had more time for just the two of us, with busy work schedules, two non-stop boys and hobbies, those moments are few and far between. I love his dedication and passion for anything and everything he takes on. His commitment to family and honoring his name. I love that he sits next to me out to dinner, just to be able to have his hand on my leg. I'm lucky in the fact he is a great father, with two boys who adore, admire, and would give anything for just two more minutes with Dad. 

In the past anniversary celebrations, we've had extravagant cruises to the Bahama's, surprise trips to Vegas to see Phantom, once in a lifetime trips to Lava Hot Springs where I once booked a bed n breakfast online that ended up being someone's home. The crazies rented out their master bedroom, had a hot tub in their living room and threw pancakes across the table at breakfast. Yes. It Happened. We've had quiet homemade dinners at home and overnight trips to Park City. I'm not sure what or where we will end up this year, it's destined to be a quiet one for sure. We have started a dedicated savings to start saving for the big 1-0 year. I'm feeling Fiji in my future. 

I love you Cory Douglas. 
Happy 8 years and here's to hanging onto a beautiful, crazy, stressed, non-stop adventure that we get to call our very own. Staying committed to each other

Forever, For Always and No Matter What.  


Rob'n'Mon said...

Happy Anniversary!
I loved the Lava Hot Springs story! The look on your face when you told us all that story...priceless! Lol!

Team Downs for Thirty-One said...

You're so cute! Happy Anniversary! PS - I'll go to Figi if he won't!

Chris said...

Dearest Kimmy...i hope you always know how beautiful u r inside and out....U trully have words of inspiration.

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