Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fly like a butterfly, it stings like a bee!

In my quest to become a better, healthier, toned version of myself I have taken on a new hobby.

Running Jogging Fast walking.

I wouldn't go as far to call this new adventure in my life a new years resolution, but with the new Pinterest addiction and dissatisfaction when becoming winded by climbing stairs...I've resolved to make little changes, or stretches in my lifestyle.

Starting in March, I made significant changes (for me) in my diet. I gave up milk and switched to almond milk, bumped my water intake, and gave up sweets. Now, I still drink coffee with creamer. I did attempt sugar free and I've never tasted ass but if I did, I'm willing to bet it tastes like sugar free creamer. I did stop adding two spoonfuls of additional sugar...stretching people, not breaking in half.

I also stopped any and all candy. For me this is a major accomplishment because I have a very large sweet tooth. Candy, candy, candy. I also haven't baked desserts, which my poor boys have taken the plunge to no sweets, unbeknownst to them! When I become a bit stronger at will power I will start baking again. I also added protein shakes once a day. Some days it replaces lunch and other days is a snack. I blend vanilla protein or whey (whey is fairly disgusting) with almond milk. Some days I add a banana. I'm on day 15 and down 10 lbs! I can't believe I was eating that many sweets...I seriously thought to myself, 'I'll attempt no sweets to see if there is a difference in my weight and energy, if nothing big changes, I will know I can continue on my same path!' Clearly, there is a significant difference!

In addition to the diet, I am preparing to run a 10k in June with my good friend in the Race for Grief. I have researched a few training schedules and decided to make the plunge. I did my first 2 miles after work, one day and I thought, oh this isn't too bad! Let's run a little further...out of breath?That's OK! I will walk a few minutes then take another run, walk a bit, run a bit. I'm feeling the sweat and a little soreness in my it!

I get home and once I stop running, the noodle legs kick in. OMG, maybe I pushed a little too hard? So the night goes on and the legs keep getting more sore. In fact, there is one particular muscle that I really had no idea existed until now. The best I can describe it is the muscle that connects your Va-jay-jay (yes, get over it..y'all have one) to your thigh. I have one of those and it was pissed off.

Then another brilliant thought occurred...I should run the very next morning to help stretch the muscles! O.M.G. that was a bad idea and probably the most painful 30 minutes of my life. I had a conference that day for work and went ahead and added insult to injury and wore heels. Getting up and out of chairs was similar to childbirth.

I called and talked to my athletic sister who is up to running already 2-3 miles steady. She informed me I am approaching this like a complete jack ass. Oh. Oops.

So, I took two days off and did some stretches. Headed back out the driveway in the morning and this time, it wasn't as bad! In fact, I'm able to jog a bit further each time I go. I have found a love for the misery and enjoy pushing myself. I still get sore legs, but not in the same way. I have run 4 out of 7 days the last two weeks and I've shaved 3 minutes off my mile. I also make sure when I get done that I spend at least 5 minutes really stretching my leg muscles.

I am only doing 2.2 miles each time, focusing more on endurance then distance. I had no clue how hard it is to control your breathing, while running. I was panting most the time and if my legs were doing good, I couldn't jog further because I was so out of breath! The first time I attempted to breathe was to inhale 3 steps, exhale 2 steps. The only thing successful with that was I managed to NOT hyperventilate and trip. So, instead of counting steps I take big deep breaths in and long hard exhale out. It's helping. Next on my list is getting a really good pair of running shoes and clothes. I run between 5-6 am and it's still pretty cold outside. By the time I get home, I'm dripping in sweat so my clothes are really heavy.

Today I will attempt 5 miles to see how that goes. No matter what, I am proud of myself for hanging in there and excited to run my first 'event'. Who knows, maybe this is a start of a long lasting past time to stay fit! My fellow runners...any advice...please do share!


Ashley :) said...

Dang woman! I need your motivations! You are doing so good!

Shauna said...

Congrats on the running and healthy eating! I don't know why those two things are so dang hard to do. But way to go. You'll do great! Keep it up!

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