Friday, January 11, 2013

Words with Jerks..

Most of us have heard of this horrible game, well I should let you know a little something about me. I SUCK at this game. I like to think I'm a great speller and somewhat intelligent, but this game is really making me wonder. 

The only person I play with really is my sister Lisa. She is a freakin genius. I have yet to win ONE game. I mean ONE! I like to think of it as I'm her practice person to help her beat her husband. I'm like the dummy round. 

This also makes me very angry with her and I send her mean messages like the following:

1. This game is a big pile of shit
2. I want to punch you in the throat 
3. I hate you
4. Bitch
5. This is the stupidest game EVER
6. Why are you such a hooker?
7. You are a jerk ass

She is a very good sport and knows that I say these things out of sister love. And the competitive side of me, the side that takes an ass whoopin everyday of my life when I play this game with her. She continues to claim not to cheat, that she just tries letters until they fit. 

Go ahead and take a look at the score on the game this week and tell me what you think.....JERKASS! Why you're at it, tell me where to place the letters I have left. I need all the help I can get. 

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JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

I also suck at this game. I swear it isn't fair. some words are totally words and it tells you they aren't. also, jerk ass is my dads favorite thing to call my brothers haha so funny

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