Saturday, January 12, 2013

When good teachers tell bad stories...

Friday was a snow day for Davis Co and because I have wonderful co-workers I was able to stay home with Jayden and Casey that day. I had to run some errands that morning and took Jayden with me. For those that know Jayden, the kid can talk. However, when it comes to school and what he's learned for the day it's a different story.

He seems to have peculiar memory when it comes to his day at first grade, if I want to know anything about recess he has a miraculous ability to tell me every single detail. Who said what, how many home runs he achieved. Who he accidentally kicked in the face with a ball. How they call the recess helpers are called Duties to which one old Duty refuses to be called a Duty because she tells the kids it sounds like poop. Nice.

However, when it comes to what he learned or did in class the answer is always the same. 'I don't remember'. Every. Single. Day. So today on this errand when the kid starts talking about school I'm listening extra carefully.

Here is the conversation:

'Mom, you know that Monday that's coming up? The one where we don't have to go to school because some old guy died? Well, it's not God but the brown guy?'

'Jayden, his name was Martin Luther King.'

'Yeah him. Well Mrs. Teacher was telling us that when he was alive that black people and white people couldn't drink out of the same fountain or go to the same school or ride the same bus. AND she said that naughty guys would tie guys up to the back of their trucks and drag them around until the d.i.e.d. Can you believe that MOM!'

Now, Jayden says the damndest things most days, but after he got done talking I said,

 'What?' "She didn't say that Jade'

He went on for 5 minutes about how yes she did tell them that story and how he's really glad he was born back then because that would be scary with people driving around with guys hanging of their trucks. I couldn't even believe it. I quickly dismissed the conversation and said 'Jade, there bad things that happened a long time ago and bad things still sometimes happen.Mommy and Daddy are here to make sure no bad things happen to you and Mrs. Teacher didn't mean to scare you.'

I just could not and cannot stop thinking about this. I mean, his teacher is older and he has told me some other stories she's said about her family that I thought was strange to be sharing with 6-7 year olds but I do think this is a bit too much. Now, I am all for educating kids about history, especially the facts that everyone is equal no matter the color, brown, black, yellow, white, purple..etc.

The fact that this story resonated with Jayden enough to talk to me about tells me something. And that he said it was scary to him. So, with parent teacher conferences coming up, I get to brush up on my ol' Crucial Conversation skills and share my concerns with his teacher. I do NOT know the entire story and what actually was said, Jayden does have a very big imagination but not to come up with something like that in my mind.

Any thoughts from friends on what you'd do in my situation?

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JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

What in the world??? this teacher sounds a little crazy. It's one thing to teach kids the truth.... but some details can be left out. The world is scary enough these days.

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