Friday, January 4, 2013

Wedding Day 2005

One of my most favorite things is to watch our wedding video. Like, I'm pretty sure I've seen it at least 45 times. So this week while we've been home over Christmas break, I found the video and my wedding album and started down memory lane. 

Cory and I had already been through so much by that day and we had no idea the triumphs and struggles we'd meet over the last almost 8 years. Every time I watch the video I cry. I remember all the little things, like when I was walking down the isle you can see my face light up...Cory was at the alter and he just gave me this look while I was walking to him and whispered something he'd say to me all the time. That moment we'll always share and I bet not one person in the room caught it. Or, how when my dad and I shared a dance, he whispered in my ear things about my Grandpa and we both were crying, that moment meant so much to me. 

All of these important memories gathered in just one night and captured again in a 20 minute video that I can re~live over and over...

So young! So excited to start our journey together.  

 Jayden came upstairs while I was watching and was completely enthralled with the idea that Daddy and Mommy were on the TV! He kept saying, Mom you are beautiful! Then he asked if he was there and I laughed..not yet buddy! When Cory got home, he picked up Casey and they were kind of dancing to the music on the TV and Casey says to Jayden, 'Look Ne-Ne, me and Daddy are marrying!' Jayden was also very upset we rode in a limo, he said 'I want a LIMBO ride!'

It was fun to watch with the boys and for them to see how young all their cousins were. Cole and Ethan were Jayden's age and they couldn't believe it. They saw Brynne who looks like Ali and Casey was convinced it was Alison not Brynne. He couldn't quite grasp that Ali wasn't born yet.

It's something I'm sure we'll do again over the years and as our 8th anniversary approaches...I'm ever so thankful that Cory came into my life. Just like the song 'Keeper of the Stars' there is someone watching over us. Cory came into my life in High School as a friend and was always there, if you would've told me that first night I met him that some day he'd be my husband and father of my kids I'd say you were nuts.

Reminds me of another song, sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.

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