Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinterest Addiction

You know what I love?

When the work day is done, dinner is cleaned up and the kids are in bed...Cory and I snuggle in our bed and watch all of our shows on DVR.

Pretty much anything reality we record and become addicted to every season. Fairly certain we've seen every episode of Survivor since being together and the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

In addition to that, while we watch TV, I multitask and browse Pinterest on my iPhone or iPad. I LOVE IT. I love seeing all the different pins, finding new ideas and basically sometimes not having to talk to anyone. Just looking. I jumped on the Pin bandwagon a bit later than most, but it didn't take me long to become addicted.

It drives Cory insane. I mean INSANE. Sometimes I'll ask questions about the shows and he'll say 'You know, you'd already know that if you would shut that thing off and watch the damn show!' I don't know why I love to do it I just do.

Pinterest doesn't nag for things, or ask for something else more juice, more sauce, a napkin, etc as soon as I sit down to eat MY dinner. It doesn't tattle, yell, cry, bring me boogers or ask me to wipe its bum. It doesn't harass me about the last time we had sex, or how late I worked, just lets me scroll the pages in silence.

I love my family, I wouldn't trade them for anything in whole. wide. world. I adore my sex crazed, handsome, passionate husband who makes me feel sexy everyday of the week and who works himself almost dead for his family.

But sometimes. Just sometimes, a girl also loves drinking a smirnoff, watching tv AND scrolling through Pinterest MORE just as much.

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Rob'n'Mon said...

Lol! I've got the same addiction. I don't like to watch TV if I can't multi-task with my phone apps - games, Facebook, Pinterest. I just can't sit still long enough!

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