Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No more babies

So, here's the thing. We're done having physically DONE. This idea sometimes strikes a panic in me, like I have to hold on the every last second of Casey's babyhood. Other times, it's like ~ thank goodness we aren't having anymore because I simply couldn't handle one more child! But most the time, it's me holding on to the baby. 

Let's break this down, Casey is 3.5 years old. The same age Jayden was when Casey was born. Jayden seemed so much older to be back then, I'm sure it's not that Casey is any less mature, but it may have something to do with me holding him back. A little. Ok, a lot. 

Casey has his woobie and every night we read a book and I rocky him. Yes that is what I call it. He still has the rocking chair in his room that I rocked Jayden in when we first brought him home and Casey too. Sometimes we sing songs and other times I just tickle his forehead, but I love it. I love snuggle time with Casey and I've turned him into a complete snuggle-holic. Let me be clear, I am not giving up the rocking chair. 

Casey's been in his crib still, we've converted it to a toddler bed but still, basically a crib. So this year, Santa's decided it's time for a big boy bed. We actually got a great deal on the bed and mattress from RC Willey, I wasn't worried about a head board because all Jayden does with his head board is jump on it and smash it into the wall. So, no headboards for awhile. The bonus is that with this bed, it has three drawers below it for extra storage and you don't need a box spring. So, not treats under the bed and more room for clothes!

Christmas Eve, Santa worked really hard to get the bed put together. And boy, was Santa happy with Mrs. Claus for buying a bed with a lot of parts. YOUR WELCOME! After the chaos of Christmas, Cory took down Casey's crib. I couldn't watch or be in the room. I'm not sure why it's a big deal, but it truly felt monumental. Like NO MORE CRIBS. Ever. 

We got his bed all set up and Casey loves it. He loves Mater and SpongeBob. He has done really well in his bed, we've got a feather bed on the floor at night in case he rolls off while he gets use to it. 

Casey told me that night, 'Look more baby bed for Casey! I'm a big boy.' I said,

 'Yes you are! Now, let's get your sippy cup with strawberry milk and let mommy rocky you awhile'....
I know. Stop judging me. 

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The Carnahan's said...

That's too cute. There's nothing wrong with him being your baby. Cuddle time is the best, I think it's good for them to snuggle with their mommy's...soon they won't let us ;)

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