Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Mrs. Flinders

Oh how I love my Flinders. She is just the bestest friend anyone could ask for. She compliments me, makes me laugh and totally calls me on my bullshit. perfection. Here is just one reason I love her so much...this is an old FB response from a picture I posted when Cory took me to Vegas.

Jaime Flinders This picture makes me want to go blonde again, Lose weight, make some money, go on vacation, buy a sexy dress, get spoiled, get some perfect body parts, cut my hair, do my hair, take off my shoes, turn back time to 29, and become Perfect, Little Kimmy Pants!

I mean how can you not read that and JUST love her? She always makes me laugh, especially when she's being naughty and doesn't want anyone else to know. I hope she reads this post and knows just how special she is to me.

Flinders, thank you for always being true to me. Understanding when I need you too and calling me to the line when I needed that also. You are amazing, beautiful, full of love and laughter and I can't think of anyone better for that Mr. Flinders of yours.

Love, Your Sexy Kimmy Pants. Ü


JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

I also love Flinder's. I've only met her because of you, but we are facebook friends and GB friends. She is hilarious. love her. Pretty sure she's made me pee my pants multiple times.

Jaime said...

I love you too!! This is the nicest and of course the most SPOT ON post I have ever read! I am pretty amazing, I can see why you worship me. You're the best, thanks girl!!!

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