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Mock Interviews

I had the pleasure of going to a High School this last week and participated in Mock Interviews. Students take a career class where they learn to apply for jobs, build resumes and part of the grade is doing these interviews.

They are supposed to dress up, prepare a cover letter, resume and references. Then volunteers from the business community come in and spend a few hours interviewing these kids, not really for a specific job, but more so just random questions. You get 5 minutes per kid and then grade them and go on to the next. We get a paper to grade that has a few areas and a scale of 1-poor 2-ok 3-good on different areas, below are just a few.

1. Are they dressed professionally
2. Hair combed
3. Handshake
4. Eye Contact
5. Clear answers
6. Did they ask a question

This is my second time participating and after the first time I was a bit terrified. Some of the kids are so interesting and others a bit different.After I went the first time, I wasn't entirely sure I'd be sending my kids to High School. I mean you ask some personal questions on some and after only spending 4-5 minutes with these kids I was either holding back laughter from some great answers or in tears because I wanted to take the kids home with me to show them a better life.

I decided if I were ever given the opportunity again, I'd take notes and make a blog post about their responses. So, buckle your seat belts and enjoy the show!

The first kid walks up and is a bit on the short, chunky side. Jeans belted just below his belly and a nice white shirt and tie. Chubby cheeks and a mouthful of metal. I'm thinking I will like him

Tell me a little bit about yourself

  • Well, I love animals. I like to learn about them, take care of them, it's my favorite thing. 
What about animals do you like?
  • They calm me down
Oh dear, maybe little toe head metal mouth has a scary side....

How many animals do you have?
  • Oh a lot! We have dogs, cats, gerbals, bunnies, fish, turtles, and a bird. I love to take care of them and my family all helps. If they don't do what we want them too we say Oh Well! and go about our day!
So first interview is done and not too bad, other than I'm a little fearful for the animals in his home. So here comes the next. She's walking in a sort of slow motion and looks exactly like the girl from Bridesmaids..the big one. Big tennis shoes and her hair pulled back in a pony tail.

I swallow a big gulp because she has a look on her face like she's going to kick my ass. As she passes a garbage can, she grabs the wad of gum in her mouth and takes the gum and tosses it into the garbage. With that same hand she reaches out to shake mine. In my head I'm thinking 'Thank god I brought hand sanitizer'.

I start with the same question..

Tell me a little bit about yourself
  • I hate school, I hate this and I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!
Oh good. This might be the longest 4.5 minutes of my life. The interview continued ok once I got her talking. Apparently she loves people..shocking and sports. Her favorite is volleyball and if she was on the court on the opposing team, I'd just forfeit the game and go get a glass of wine. 

The next kid was the spitting image of what you'd see on the 80's movie NERDS. He had very greasy hair and thick glasses and when he sat down I realized his eyeballs were having seizures the entire time he was talking. The ENTIRE time! I'm not sure what it's called but they really were moving back and forth like crazy, I felt like asking if he was dizzy because I was just by watching him, or who are you looking at? Are you having a seizure? Do your eyes always do that?  Then to avoid his eyes, I looked down and every single one of his finger nails were too long and filled with black grit. GROSS. Back to the eyes. 

Some of his answers...
  • I like to lead, but am really not sociable
  • I get along with everyone! Well, except for the people who don't get along with me
  • My hero is my mother because she is a very nice and likeable person. 
There were all kinds of kids. One that made me laugh was this skinny kid walking up in Wranglers, huge brown cowboy boots and a white shirt, black tie and black jacket. He gave the appearance of 10ft tall and bullet proof in a 5 ft tall body

Tell me a little bit about yourself..
  • Well, I love to workout. Every day. Listen to music, I really love music. 
What kind of music do you like?
  • Oh, all kinds! Country, dub step, rap, hip hop...
In my mind I'm thinking what the hell is dub step? Later that night on my drive home Lisa and I sounded like the Golden Girls trying to figure out what dub step is. I said dub step and Lisa's all...Bub Step? Mub Step? What are you saying, so I'm trying to spell it out to her D- like Dog, etc. We were laughing so hard I thought I might pee in the car. If you'd like to know, just spell out Dub Step in google. 

Here are a few other random answers

Who is your hero and why?
  • My sister. She is disabled and never lets it get her down. She is amazing and I hope to have the courage and strength she does
  • My parents, they are always there for me and I can talk to them about anything. (I hope my kids answer this way someday)
  • My Dad. I can go to him with anything and he never gets mad and helps me talk through it. 
  • My Sister, she's been through a lot and I can learn from her
  • Iron Man. I like him because he invents things, but he is a little cocky. I think that hurts him with meeting new friends. I didn't have the heart to break the news that Iron Man is an action figure and NOT a real person. 
Lots of kids talked about how they handle stress, the cowboy with big brown boots informed me if he gets stressed he has a snack and that helps!

Another listens to music or plays with animals. Lots of the kids said school, work and outside activities can be stressful to handle. Sounds like High School life has just gotten harder since I was there. You know, 5 years ago. 

One girl walked up with no shoes on. When we asked her she let us know she hadn't worn shoes since first grade and her feet told the same story. Disgusting! She walked out and another volunteer said 'You better mark her form for that!' Yeah, like that's going to help. 

One boy who almost broke all the bones in my hand told me he was just adopted and he's struggling to get to know his new mom. She looks at things differently and they don't get along. He had sad eyes. Other girls told me they help raise siblings in a single parent home to help out Mom or Dad. 

A girl told me she was going to write Graphic Novels for a living and I was thinking like Fifty Shade?? I asked her what a Graphic Novel was and it turns out, it's like a comic book. Her hero is Amelia Earhart for following her dreams and not caring what others thought of her. 

It was a crazy two hours and always eye opening. The teacher said there are three kids at this school who live out of their cars. Once they turned 18 their parents kicked them out to fend for themselves. I just think these 15-18 year olds are amazing. Each and every one of them has a story, whether it's comical, heart-wrenching, or just plain quirky. I have so much respect for teachers and I can only hope my boys give a smile one day during these interviews to whomever the lucky volunteer is. 

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JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

you are just freakin hilarious. The whole time I was reading this I just kept imagining your facial expressions during the interviews. How crazy that kids this young have already had so many life struggles. Makes you want to do anything you can so your kids can have a good life.

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