Sunday, January 6, 2013

Misery loves company

Last week at work, I'd had a long day and still needed to read through some material before the day was done. I decided to take myself on a date to Chili's for for lunch. I thought chips and salsa might brighten my day.

I headed into the restaurant, took my seat, and ordered my lunch. I opened my book and started skimming through the words but my habit of people watching seemed to be taking over my ability to focus. Naturally, I gave in to temptation and started watching people around me.

Before too long, a couple came and sat in the booth across from me. I noticed they didn't have a waitress seating them and the wife was looking around cautiously. She asks her husband 'How will they know where we are?' He was very grumpy and barked out 'Well I'll be damned if I'm going to sit out front for another 10 minutes without anyone bothering to give us a glance!'

I smiled to myself and thought, this might prove to be an interesting lunch after all.

The waitress came quickly and could tell she was in trouble. She offered them drinks and asked if they wanted an appetizer. He was ruffling his feathers similar to a Rooster showing he was the masculine one in charge. Not only was the waitress in trouble, he was going to show her who was in charge. I thought to myself, is this truly where the word cock-y comes from?

Definition of COCK

a : the adult male of the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus)
b : the male of birds other than the domestic chicken
a : a chief person : leader
b : a person of spirit and often of a certain swagger or arrogance

Well, he certainly had swagger. He ordered them both chips and salsa and took care of what his wife wanted to drink. The waitress quickly scurried away to get the requests. I kept watching from the corner of my eye with my ears perked. They couldn't have been more than 4 feet away from me. They looked to be in their late 40's, he could've been in his early 50's. She had no make up on and glasses, long naturally curly hair with a poof in the front like the great 80-90's girl would. To complete the ensemble she was wearing a belly shirt. That's right, a belly shirt. She wasn't really heavy but definitely not someone who should be sharing with the world her midsection. He was wearing Levi's, a shirt and classic white sneakers. I'm thinking classic Jerry Sienfield..swagger.

I listened to their conversation, something about games and which ones were on this weekend. Nothing of significance, and some long silences. I kept thinking about how different Cory and I are. We sit on the same side of the table and are always touching. Holding hands, his hand on my thigh or me wrapped around his arm. I love my husband.

So, with arrival of their chips and salsa brought the Mr. Cheery Cock something to gripe about. After about three chips he threw the fourth one down and complained 'These are dripping with grease!' When he said those words I looked over and saw his wife stop the current chowing down of chips and salsa. I've never seen anyone shovel those puppies in so quickly. She gave a big swallow to the last of the chip in her mouth and said 'Yeah, they are kind greasy'. Mr. Cheery was so visibly upset by the grease that he couldn't wait for the waitress, no he went ahead and all but threw the bowl of chips at another waiter and said I'm not eating these!

They replaced his chips and salsa and he approved after a few bites. They brought their dinners and the wife continued to attempt small talk with Mr. CC (Cheery Cock). This woman had an incredible talent to inhale food and talk at the same time. She used her fork and knife to scoop the bites of food onto her fork and before I knew it she was done! Mr. CC hadn't even finished his side dishes.

She covered the plate with her napkin and did a big long stretch over the booth behind her. Displaying her wonderful mid-section for all to see. Then with a big sigh she proclaimed 'That was delicious!' took a big sip of her coke and said 'I think I'll start working out again'. This time Mr. CC only responded with a humph.
A few short moments later, they left quickly as they came. I hadn't even finished 1/4 of my chips and salsa because I was so entertained. I so wanted to lean over and see if Mr. CC left a tip. It makes me wonder what their home life is like? Do they have sex? Do they sit in silence in front of the TV? Does she have friends that wear belly shirts too? How long have they been together?

All questions I'll never know the answers to and one of the great mystery's and excitement of people watching. Stay tuned for my next adventures at lunch time!


Shauna said...

Oh my heck! I love the questions your mind comes up with. Made me laugh so hard!

Rob'n'Mon said...

Sounds like any excuse to procrastinate to me. ;) You crack me up!

Ashley :) said...

Love, love, love this! Miss you Miss Kimberli!

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