Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have one tattoo.

I'm not sure what actually struck the idea in me first. My parents both have tattoos, one of my sisters and growing up in a Harley household, it does seem to come with the territory. I also don't think that is the only reason I wanted one. I think tattoos are a beautiful form of personal expression and they hold a lot of meaning. 

I have a pegasus on my shoulder that has been there since my 18 birthday. I waited and waited to get this tattoo. I remember on my 16th birthday I begged and begged my parents to take me somewhere to get a tattoo. Unfortunately that was about the same time that tattoo artists were making it mandatory to be 18 years of age. Even with a parents consent. So 18 it was. I was still in High School and I went with one of my teachers. We got tattoos together, a memory I'll never forget. 

You think that I'd spend a little more time on finding the actual tattoo since I had wanted one for so long. We went to the tattoo parlor, I remember flipping through the pages of pictures, I had thought a little about what I wanted and at the time (and now still) I was totally in love with horses and so I wanted something to do with a horse.  

I remember seeing the picture of my tattoo and I liked the lines of the horse. I've always been enamored with the muscle lines in a horse. They always looked and felt so powerful. I'm not 100% sure of everything that went through my mind that day, but I do remember thinking that thought about my pegasus. The wings I thought made it a bit softer. So, with about 30 minutes of looking, I picked out a tattoo that will be on my body for a lifetime.  

Do I regret my tattoo, no. Do I regret not putting more time into picking out what I wanted, YES. I've been contemplating another tattoo for about 4 years. I've yet to pick something. Cory even bought me a gift certificate for a birthday years ago and I never used it. He used it for the tattoo on his back so we wouldn't lose the money. 

I've been thinking about it a lot more and I really like the thought of a tattoo on my side. I'm not sure on the size, but I've been scanning Pinterest and other sites for examples. I know I want something to do with Lilies. I had cascading lilies in my bridal flowers. I thought about doing three, one to symbolize each of the boys and Cory. I also thought about putting their birthday on their flower, but will they think it's weird their Mom has their birthday on her side? What if when I'm older I gain 300 lbs and now the tattoo on my side looks nothing like it used to? Those are just some of the questions I ask myself. BUT, I feel like I'm getting closer to making a decision. 

I've started a goal to get in shape and I'd love to lose the pudge on my belly. Maybe a reward for getting into shape could look something like this, only with lilies instead of roses and no belly ring..been there..done that....

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