Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grandpa Earle

This is Grandpa Earle. He is a very good sport, like on Christmas when I just walked right up to him and put this hat on him and then snapped a pic. No complaints from Grandpa. He goes over to Mom's every Sunday for dinner and he loves family time.

He's so cute with the boys and loves to kiss babies. My Grandpa is deaf and he reads lips, he has never learned sign language. I just think he is amazing because he goes through life not always understanding whats going on and he just rolls with flow.

Grandpa used to come up to the Harrison branch when I worked there to take me to lunch once a week. I miss those lunches, I got to know a lot about him during those few short lunches together.

We love you Grandpa Earle!


Rob'n'Mon said...

What a sweet guy! You're a very lucky granddaughter. :)

JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

So cute. As soon as I saw that picture I remembered him from Harrison. Sweet sweet man!

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