Thursday, January 3, 2013


I wanted to check in and let you all know I'm here, alive and my body hasn't suffered any horrible side effects. I'm on month 3 of my pills and am starting to notice a difference. I can actually wash my face and not feel gross bumps all along my chin line. I do still get breakouts, but they don't last near as long and they are not as dramatic.

 I do have extremely dry lips that peel, crack and bleed. But that has been the only real side effect. My doc says that in months 4-6 is when people notice the most difference, so I'm excited. I've actually had people comment on FB and in person how great my skin looks. I'm sorry..What?? My skin and great looking aren't usually in a sentence together!

With Cory's surgery we had met our out of pocket maximum so I'm not looking forward to Jan/Feb/March, these 30 day supplies of medicine are over $300. Ouch. So, I'm hoping I continue to see great results. I still maintain these are the hardest pills to obtain EVER. Like I think it might be easier to score crack, or so I've seen on TV.

Every 30 days I have set window to get blood drawn, go to my doc then once they get results I have to go online and answer questions about pregnancy. Like 'If I have sex under water I can't get pregnant'  True or False.

I had to read that question like 4x because I kept thinking, who the hell kind of people are taking these pills and why would this question ever be relevant?? Nontheless, I answer them every month then go get my pills. And start the whole process over every 30 days.

For those that are curious, you CAN get pregnant under water.

I might have saved a life just then. Just sayin... Your Welcome. 

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Jones' said...

Dang it! That was our form of birth control, but you are saying it's true, you can get pregnant?!

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