Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinterest Addiction

You know what I love?

When the work day is done, dinner is cleaned up and the kids are in bed...Cory and I snuggle in our bed and watch all of our shows on DVR.

Pretty much anything reality we record and become addicted to every season. Fairly certain we've seen every episode of Survivor since being together and the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

In addition to that, while we watch TV, I multitask and browse Pinterest on my iPhone or iPad. I LOVE IT. I love seeing all the different pins, finding new ideas and basically sometimes not having to talk to anyone. Just looking. I jumped on the Pin bandwagon a bit later than most, but it didn't take me long to become addicted.

It drives Cory insane. I mean INSANE. Sometimes I'll ask questions about the shows and he'll say 'You know, you'd already know that if you would shut that thing off and watch the damn show!' I don't know why I love to do it I just do.

Pinterest doesn't nag for things, or ask for something else more juice, more sauce, a napkin, etc as soon as I sit down to eat MY dinner. It doesn't tattle, yell, cry, bring me boogers or ask me to wipe its bum. It doesn't harass me about the last time we had sex, or how late I worked, just lets me scroll the pages in silence.

I love my family, I wouldn't trade them for anything in whole. wide. world. I adore my sex crazed, handsome, passionate husband who makes me feel sexy everyday of the week and who works himself almost dead for his family.

But sometimes. Just sometimes, a girl also loves drinking a smirnoff, watching tv AND scrolling through Pinterest MORE just as much.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grandpa Earle

This is Grandpa Earle. He is a very good sport, like on Christmas when I just walked right up to him and put this hat on him and then snapped a pic. No complaints from Grandpa. He goes over to Mom's every Sunday for dinner and he loves family time.

He's so cute with the boys and loves to kiss babies. My Grandpa is deaf and he reads lips, he has never learned sign language. I just think he is amazing because he goes through life not always understanding whats going on and he just rolls with flow.

Grandpa used to come up to the Harrison branch when I worked there to take me to lunch once a week. I miss those lunches, I got to know a lot about him during those few short lunches together.

We love you Grandpa Earle!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have one tattoo.

I'm not sure what actually struck the idea in me first. My parents both have tattoos, one of my sisters and growing up in a Harley household, it does seem to come with the territory. I also don't think that is the only reason I wanted one. I think tattoos are a beautiful form of personal expression and they hold a lot of meaning. 

I have a pegasus on my shoulder that has been there since my 18 birthday. I waited and waited to get this tattoo. I remember on my 16th birthday I begged and begged my parents to take me somewhere to get a tattoo. Unfortunately that was about the same time that tattoo artists were making it mandatory to be 18 years of age. Even with a parents consent. So 18 it was. I was still in High School and I went with one of my teachers. We got tattoos together, a memory I'll never forget. 

You think that I'd spend a little more time on finding the actual tattoo since I had wanted one for so long. We went to the tattoo parlor, I remember flipping through the pages of pictures, I had thought a little about what I wanted and at the time (and now still) I was totally in love with horses and so I wanted something to do with a horse.  

I remember seeing the picture of my tattoo and I liked the lines of the horse. I've always been enamored with the muscle lines in a horse. They always looked and felt so powerful. I'm not 100% sure of everything that went through my mind that day, but I do remember thinking that thought about my pegasus. The wings I thought made it a bit softer. So, with about 30 minutes of looking, I picked out a tattoo that will be on my body for a lifetime.  

Do I regret my tattoo, no. Do I regret not putting more time into picking out what I wanted, YES. I've been contemplating another tattoo for about 4 years. I've yet to pick something. Cory even bought me a gift certificate for a birthday years ago and I never used it. He used it for the tattoo on his back so we wouldn't lose the money. 

I've been thinking about it a lot more and I really like the thought of a tattoo on my side. I'm not sure on the size, but I've been scanning Pinterest and other sites for examples. I know I want something to do with Lilies. I had cascading lilies in my bridal flowers. I thought about doing three, one to symbolize each of the boys and Cory. I also thought about putting their birthday on their flower, but will they think it's weird their Mom has their birthday on her side? What if when I'm older I gain 300 lbs and now the tattoo on my side looks nothing like it used to? Those are just some of the questions I ask myself. BUT, I feel like I'm getting closer to making a decision. 

I've started a goal to get in shape and I'd love to lose the pudge on my belly. Maybe a reward for getting into shape could look something like this, only with lilies instead of roses and no belly ring..been there..done that....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Veto Make Up

I think not.

One of my favorite shows lately is Katie Couric. I watched a episode recently where they interviewed a woman who had given up make up and other cosmetics for one year and then wrote a book about it. Now, I'd like to write a book and would have the perfect title if I went without cosmetics for one year...the title would be

UGLY. By, Kimberli Green.

Overall on the show, they talked about how women have a false pretense of what beauty is. We get our ideals of beauty from magazines, movie stars and a world of photo shop. We see the pictures and I know at least for myself, I examine every part of the women in the pictures and on TV. The lines in their legs, muscles, definition of abs and the perfect tummy.

I agree with the idea that people really do put too much into what we look LIKE instead of who we ARE. I am guilty probably more than most. I connect my appearance so much with who I am. I do live on make up, hair products, my figure and my complexion. I am very hard on myself and would go as far to say that I don't ever measure up in my eyes. Just when I think I'm having a good hair day or outfit goes just right..I remember that little pudgy that sticks out from my belly, the lack of motivation to exercise and eat well, and to be in good shape etc.

Watching the show made me self conscious as I realize I AM the beast of the woman they are talking about. Putting too much into what we look like and spending thousand of dollars each year to achieve the look in the magazines. It caused some great reflection for me to really think about what I want and why. I want to look good and be in shape and take exercise daily.  Is it for me? For Cory? For others? I'm not sure I have the answers to that question yet.

As I mentioned before I'm working on a marathon this summer. I think everything happens for a reason and I'm so glad my friend thought of me to invite me to this run and give me that little push. This morning, I jumped on my elliptical for 10 minutes and did a bit of a workout session from pinterest that I found. I'm a little late for New Years resolution but I do have a goal in mind. I'd love to be in shape, have tone legs and get rid of that little pudge.

Day one - complete!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Write it down

I've been told before that I am good at putting thoughts on paper or screen if you will. I do love to write and always have. Even in High School, one of my favorite classes was creative writing. So, now that I have a blog and share some of my stories, I've been hearing this more often. 

Things that make you go hmmmm....

I would LOVE to write a book, but the question is, WHAT to write about. I could just submit my blog, but really that is just a bunch of random thoughts. Then, I could write a book about raising two boys and the craziness of it all. But, shouldn't I have been successful at that before writing about it? I'm sure my life story would sell a book or two..married and divorced and married again by 24. All the crazy ups and downs Cory and I have been through. Too private? Well, I have blogged about most of it. But something about putting it to print is a bit overwhelming. 

Writing a book is on my bucket list, along with many other things. Maybe one day when the kids are older and I have my own home office I can get lost in on my free time and really put effort to the words on the page. 

What are your thoughts? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sister Wives?

Just kidding. But I do have a sister, two in fact and they are wives!

Jayden spent the night last Friday at Younger's house and when I went to deliver his clothes, this is what Laurie sent home with me for dinner!

I'm sorry, but you're keeping my kid over night AND feeding me delicious chicken tetrazzini? Ok, I'll take it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My friend recently posted an opportunity to support the Race for Grief in June. I actually have pondered the thought of someday running in a full marathon. Realizing this means actual training, commitment and possibly not eating everything I see, has somewhat delayed this goal.

There was NO hesitation this time when given the chance to support one of my girlfriends. I now have less than 6 months to prepare and train for a 10k. I know this might be a baby marathon or race for some, but for me this is a huge step to an item on my bucket list.

Any advice or training programs from my running friends?

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mock Interviews

I had the pleasure of going to a High School this last week and participated in Mock Interviews. Students take a career class where they learn to apply for jobs, build resumes and part of the grade is doing these interviews.

They are supposed to dress up, prepare a cover letter, resume and references. Then volunteers from the business community come in and spend a few hours interviewing these kids, not really for a specific job, but more so just random questions. You get 5 minutes per kid and then grade them and go on to the next. We get a paper to grade that has a few areas and a scale of 1-poor 2-ok 3-good on different areas, below are just a few.

1. Are they dressed professionally
2. Hair combed
3. Handshake
4. Eye Contact
5. Clear answers
6. Did they ask a question

This is my second time participating and after the first time I was a bit terrified. Some of the kids are so interesting and others a bit different.After I went the first time, I wasn't entirely sure I'd be sending my kids to High School. I mean you ask some personal questions on some and after only spending 4-5 minutes with these kids I was either holding back laughter from some great answers or in tears because I wanted to take the kids home with me to show them a better life.

I decided if I were ever given the opportunity again, I'd take notes and make a blog post about their responses. So, buckle your seat belts and enjoy the show!

The first kid walks up and is a bit on the short, chunky side. Jeans belted just below his belly and a nice white shirt and tie. Chubby cheeks and a mouthful of metal. I'm thinking I will like him

Tell me a little bit about yourself

  • Well, I love animals. I like to learn about them, take care of them, it's my favorite thing. 
What about animals do you like?
  • They calm me down
Oh dear, maybe little toe head metal mouth has a scary side....

How many animals do you have?
  • Oh a lot! We have dogs, cats, gerbals, bunnies, fish, turtles, and a bird. I love to take care of them and my family all helps. If they don't do what we want them too we say Oh Well! and go about our day!
So first interview is done and not too bad, other than I'm a little fearful for the animals in his home. So here comes the next. She's walking in a sort of slow motion and looks exactly like the girl from Bridesmaids..the big one. Big tennis shoes and her hair pulled back in a pony tail.

I swallow a big gulp because she has a look on her face like she's going to kick my ass. As she passes a garbage can, she grabs the wad of gum in her mouth and takes the gum and tosses it into the garbage. With that same hand she reaches out to shake mine. In my head I'm thinking 'Thank god I brought hand sanitizer'.

I start with the same question..

Tell me a little bit about yourself
  • I hate school, I hate this and I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!
Oh good. This might be the longest 4.5 minutes of my life. The interview continued ok once I got her talking. Apparently she loves people..shocking and sports. Her favorite is volleyball and if she was on the court on the opposing team, I'd just forfeit the game and go get a glass of wine. 

The next kid was the spitting image of what you'd see on the 80's movie NERDS. He had very greasy hair and thick glasses and when he sat down I realized his eyeballs were having seizures the entire time he was talking. The ENTIRE time! I'm not sure what it's called but they really were moving back and forth like crazy, I felt like asking if he was dizzy because I was just by watching him, or who are you looking at? Are you having a seizure? Do your eyes always do that?  Then to avoid his eyes, I looked down and every single one of his finger nails were too long and filled with black grit. GROSS. Back to the eyes. 

Some of his answers...
  • I like to lead, but am really not sociable
  • I get along with everyone! Well, except for the people who don't get along with me
  • My hero is my mother because she is a very nice and likeable person. 
There were all kinds of kids. One that made me laugh was this skinny kid walking up in Wranglers, huge brown cowboy boots and a white shirt, black tie and black jacket. He gave the appearance of 10ft tall and bullet proof in a 5 ft tall body

Tell me a little bit about yourself..
  • Well, I love to workout. Every day. Listen to music, I really love music. 
What kind of music do you like?
  • Oh, all kinds! Country, dub step, rap, hip hop...
In my mind I'm thinking what the hell is dub step? Later that night on my drive home Lisa and I sounded like the Golden Girls trying to figure out what dub step is. I said dub step and Lisa's all...Bub Step? Mub Step? What are you saying, so I'm trying to spell it out to her D- like Dog, etc. We were laughing so hard I thought I might pee in the car. If you'd like to know, just spell out Dub Step in google. 

Here are a few other random answers

Who is your hero and why?
  • My sister. She is disabled and never lets it get her down. She is amazing and I hope to have the courage and strength she does
  • My parents, they are always there for me and I can talk to them about anything. (I hope my kids answer this way someday)
  • My Dad. I can go to him with anything and he never gets mad and helps me talk through it. 
  • My Sister, she's been through a lot and I can learn from her
  • Iron Man. I like him because he invents things, but he is a little cocky. I think that hurts him with meeting new friends. I didn't have the heart to break the news that Iron Man is an action figure and NOT a real person. 
Lots of kids talked about how they handle stress, the cowboy with big brown boots informed me if he gets stressed he has a snack and that helps!

Another listens to music or plays with animals. Lots of the kids said school, work and outside activities can be stressful to handle. Sounds like High School life has just gotten harder since I was there. You know, 5 years ago. 

One girl walked up with no shoes on. When we asked her she let us know she hadn't worn shoes since first grade and her feet told the same story. Disgusting! She walked out and another volunteer said 'You better mark her form for that!' Yeah, like that's going to help. 

One boy who almost broke all the bones in my hand told me he was just adopted and he's struggling to get to know his new mom. She looks at things differently and they don't get along. He had sad eyes. Other girls told me they help raise siblings in a single parent home to help out Mom or Dad. 

A girl told me she was going to write Graphic Novels for a living and I was thinking like Fifty Shade?? I asked her what a Graphic Novel was and it turns out, it's like a comic book. Her hero is Amelia Earhart for following her dreams and not caring what others thought of her. 

It was a crazy two hours and always eye opening. The teacher said there are three kids at this school who live out of their cars. Once they turned 18 their parents kicked them out to fend for themselves. I just think these 15-18 year olds are amazing. Each and every one of them has a story, whether it's comical, heart-wrenching, or just plain quirky. I have so much respect for teachers and I can only hope my boys give a smile one day during these interviews to whomever the lucky volunteer is. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

When good teachers tell bad stories...

Friday was a snow day for Davis Co and because I have wonderful co-workers I was able to stay home with Jayden and Casey that day. I had to run some errands that morning and took Jayden with me. For those that know Jayden, the kid can talk. However, when it comes to school and what he's learned for the day it's a different story.

He seems to have peculiar memory when it comes to his day at first grade, if I want to know anything about recess he has a miraculous ability to tell me every single detail. Who said what, how many home runs he achieved. Who he accidentally kicked in the face with a ball. How they call the recess helpers are called Duties to which one old Duty refuses to be called a Duty because she tells the kids it sounds like poop. Nice.

However, when it comes to what he learned or did in class the answer is always the same. 'I don't remember'. Every. Single. Day. So today on this errand when the kid starts talking about school I'm listening extra carefully.

Here is the conversation:

'Mom, you know that Monday that's coming up? The one where we don't have to go to school because some old guy died? Well, it's not God but the brown guy?'

'Jayden, his name was Martin Luther King.'

'Yeah him. Well Mrs. Teacher was telling us that when he was alive that black people and white people couldn't drink out of the same fountain or go to the same school or ride the same bus. AND she said that naughty guys would tie guys up to the back of their trucks and drag them around until the d.i.e.d. Can you believe that MOM!'

Now, Jayden says the damndest things most days, but after he got done talking I said,

 'What?' "She didn't say that Jade'

He went on for 5 minutes about how yes she did tell them that story and how he's really glad he was born back then because that would be scary with people driving around with guys hanging of their trucks. I couldn't even believe it. I quickly dismissed the conversation and said 'Jade, there bad things that happened a long time ago and bad things still sometimes happen.Mommy and Daddy are here to make sure no bad things happen to you and Mrs. Teacher didn't mean to scare you.'

I just could not and cannot stop thinking about this. I mean, his teacher is older and he has told me some other stories she's said about her family that I thought was strange to be sharing with 6-7 year olds but I do think this is a bit too much. Now, I am all for educating kids about history, especially the facts that everyone is equal no matter the color, brown, black, yellow, white, purple..etc.

The fact that this story resonated with Jayden enough to talk to me about tells me something. And that he said it was scary to him. So, with parent teacher conferences coming up, I get to brush up on my ol' Crucial Conversation skills and share my concerns with his teacher. I do NOT know the entire story and what actually was said, Jayden does have a very big imagination but not to come up with something like that in my mind.

Any thoughts from friends on what you'd do in my situation?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Words with Jerks..

Most of us have heard of this horrible game, well I should let you know a little something about me. I SUCK at this game. I like to think I'm a great speller and somewhat intelligent, but this game is really making me wonder. 

The only person I play with really is my sister Lisa. She is a freakin genius. I have yet to win ONE game. I mean ONE! I like to think of it as I'm her practice person to help her beat her husband. I'm like the dummy round. 

This also makes me very angry with her and I send her mean messages like the following:

1. This game is a big pile of shit
2. I want to punch you in the throat 
3. I hate you
4. Bitch
5. This is the stupidest game EVER
6. Why are you such a hooker?
7. You are a jerk ass

She is a very good sport and knows that I say these things out of sister love. And the competitive side of me, the side that takes an ass whoopin everyday of my life when I play this game with her. She continues to claim not to cheat, that she just tries letters until they fit. 

Go ahead and take a look at the score on the game this week and tell me what you think.....JERKASS! Why you're at it, tell me where to place the letters I have left. I need all the help I can get. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kissy Face

This past few weeks I've enjoyed the cold weather...only because it's given me an excuse to stay inside in my PJ's all weekend long. Cory's been busy helping with family projects and working on my car (story for another day) So the kids and I have been lazy. Just to give you an idea, this last weekend I left the house ONCE after getting home from work on Friday night. I left long enough to do grocery shopping, then right back home in my comfy pants.

This is what we do when Casey's watching SpongeBob in our bed..
Kissy Face

We also send smiley pictures to Daddy to say 'We're home, come home to us and cuddle'

I've decided it's ok to be a little lazy every once in awhile! Ok, let me self confess..the laundry, dishes, house cleaning, etc still gets done. Just in comfy pants and no make up. FINE!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Mrs. Flinders

Oh how I love my Flinders. She is just the bestest friend anyone could ask for. She compliments me, makes me laugh and totally calls me on my bullshit. perfection. Here is just one reason I love her so much...this is an old FB response from a picture I posted when Cory took me to Vegas.

Jaime Flinders This picture makes me want to go blonde again, Lose weight, make some money, go on vacation, buy a sexy dress, get spoiled, get some perfect body parts, cut my hair, do my hair, take off my shoes, turn back time to 29, and become Perfect, Little Kimmy Pants!

I mean how can you not read that and JUST love her? She always makes me laugh, especially when she's being naughty and doesn't want anyone else to know. I hope she reads this post and knows just how special she is to me.

Flinders, thank you for always being true to me. Understanding when I need you too and calling me to the line when I needed that also. You are amazing, beautiful, full of love and laughter and I can't think of anyone better for that Mr. Flinders of yours.

Love, Your Sexy Kimmy Pants. Ü

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pearly Whites

Do you have sparkly whites?

Most of my adulthood has been centered around curing my Acne disease and in my own form of OCD with the fact I have no control over my Acne, I started putting a lot of effort into areas I could control. My teeth being one of them.

The downside is that I have extremely sensitive teeth. Like cold water will just about put me into a seizure. I've had multiple dentist whitening treatments. They don't really hurt during, but for the rest of the day it will come in fits. The only way I can think to explain it is that it feels like my teeth are falling out of my mouth. It's horrible pain and you never know when it will hit. One time, I had dentist trays and  you're only supposed to leave them in for 30-45 minutes...well I fell asleep with them in! All. Night. Long. Oh my God. It was the most painful experience of my life. Like brought tears to my eyes every time I breathed in or out, took a drink or spoke. For 24 hours I was certain I would die. So, after many excruciating attempts to whiten my teeth, I have found a product that works for me.

Crest Whitening Strips. LOVE THEM! I put them on in the morning for 30-45 minutes while I get ready or at night if I'm attempting to keep from snacking. I normally buy a package of 10-14 strips once every 6 months, or if we're going on vacation I will do a treatment. No pain! And my teeth respond really well to them.

Cory loves white teeth and I am always looking at peoples smile. You know who has yellow teeth that really shouldn't? Reese Witherspoon. In some of her movies I can't even stand it! Most movie stars have really white teeth but for some reason she doesn't and it kills me. She is so pretty, I mean C'mon Reese!

Now, go look in the mirror. If your teeth aren't up to par, try the Crest won't be disappointed.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Misery loves company

Last week at work, I'd had a long day and still needed to read through some material before the day was done. I decided to take myself on a date to Chili's for for lunch. I thought chips and salsa might brighten my day.

I headed into the restaurant, took my seat, and ordered my lunch. I opened my book and started skimming through the words but my habit of people watching seemed to be taking over my ability to focus. Naturally, I gave in to temptation and started watching people around me.

Before too long, a couple came and sat in the booth across from me. I noticed they didn't have a waitress seating them and the wife was looking around cautiously. She asks her husband 'How will they know where we are?' He was very grumpy and barked out 'Well I'll be damned if I'm going to sit out front for another 10 minutes without anyone bothering to give us a glance!'

I smiled to myself and thought, this might prove to be an interesting lunch after all.

The waitress came quickly and could tell she was in trouble. She offered them drinks and asked if they wanted an appetizer. He was ruffling his feathers similar to a Rooster showing he was the masculine one in charge. Not only was the waitress in trouble, he was going to show her who was in charge. I thought to myself, is this truly where the word cock-y comes from?

Definition of COCK

a : the adult male of the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus)
b : the male of birds other than the domestic chicken
a : a chief person : leader
b : a person of spirit and often of a certain swagger or arrogance

Well, he certainly had swagger. He ordered them both chips and salsa and took care of what his wife wanted to drink. The waitress quickly scurried away to get the requests. I kept watching from the corner of my eye with my ears perked. They couldn't have been more than 4 feet away from me. They looked to be in their late 40's, he could've been in his early 50's. She had no make up on and glasses, long naturally curly hair with a poof in the front like the great 80-90's girl would. To complete the ensemble she was wearing a belly shirt. That's right, a belly shirt. She wasn't really heavy but definitely not someone who should be sharing with the world her midsection. He was wearing Levi's, a shirt and classic white sneakers. I'm thinking classic Jerry Sienfield..swagger.

I listened to their conversation, something about games and which ones were on this weekend. Nothing of significance, and some long silences. I kept thinking about how different Cory and I are. We sit on the same side of the table and are always touching. Holding hands, his hand on my thigh or me wrapped around his arm. I love my husband.

So, with arrival of their chips and salsa brought the Mr. Cheery Cock something to gripe about. After about three chips he threw the fourth one down and complained 'These are dripping with grease!' When he said those words I looked over and saw his wife stop the current chowing down of chips and salsa. I've never seen anyone shovel those puppies in so quickly. She gave a big swallow to the last of the chip in her mouth and said 'Yeah, they are kind greasy'. Mr. Cheery was so visibly upset by the grease that he couldn't wait for the waitress, no he went ahead and all but threw the bowl of chips at another waiter and said I'm not eating these!

They replaced his chips and salsa and he approved after a few bites. They brought their dinners and the wife continued to attempt small talk with Mr. CC (Cheery Cock). This woman had an incredible talent to inhale food and talk at the same time. She used her fork and knife to scoop the bites of food onto her fork and before I knew it she was done! Mr. CC hadn't even finished his side dishes.

She covered the plate with her napkin and did a big long stretch over the booth behind her. Displaying her wonderful mid-section for all to see. Then with a big sigh she proclaimed 'That was delicious!' took a big sip of her coke and said 'I think I'll start working out again'. This time Mr. CC only responded with a humph.
A few short moments later, they left quickly as they came. I hadn't even finished 1/4 of my chips and salsa because I was so entertained. I so wanted to lean over and see if Mr. CC left a tip. It makes me wonder what their home life is like? Do they have sex? Do they sit in silence in front of the TV? Does she have friends that wear belly shirts too? How long have they been together?

All questions I'll never know the answers to and one of the great mystery's and excitement of people watching. Stay tuned for my next adventures at lunch time!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gone to long?

Clearly, I've waited too long to update the old blog. I know this because I was  good girl over New Year's and wrote several posts to be scheduled. What I'm not liking is the lack of LOVE in comments, I mean HELLO BITCHES!

I know you're out there, stalkers, friends, loved ones, family. New Rule, if you visit this site and read my posts leave a damn line to say you were here!

Enough. Said.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wedding Day 2005

One of my most favorite things is to watch our wedding video. Like, I'm pretty sure I've seen it at least 45 times. So this week while we've been home over Christmas break, I found the video and my wedding album and started down memory lane. 

Cory and I had already been through so much by that day and we had no idea the triumphs and struggles we'd meet over the last almost 8 years. Every time I watch the video I cry. I remember all the little things, like when I was walking down the isle you can see my face light up...Cory was at the alter and he just gave me this look while I was walking to him and whispered something he'd say to me all the time. That moment we'll always share and I bet not one person in the room caught it. Or, how when my dad and I shared a dance, he whispered in my ear things about my Grandpa and we both were crying, that moment meant so much to me. 

All of these important memories gathered in just one night and captured again in a 20 minute video that I can re~live over and over...

So young! So excited to start our journey together.  

 Jayden came upstairs while I was watching and was completely enthralled with the idea that Daddy and Mommy were on the TV! He kept saying, Mom you are beautiful! Then he asked if he was there and I laughed..not yet buddy! When Cory got home, he picked up Casey and they were kind of dancing to the music on the TV and Casey says to Jayden, 'Look Ne-Ne, me and Daddy are marrying!' Jayden was also very upset we rode in a limo, he said 'I want a LIMBO ride!'

It was fun to watch with the boys and for them to see how young all their cousins were. Cole and Ethan were Jayden's age and they couldn't believe it. They saw Brynne who looks like Ali and Casey was convinced it was Alison not Brynne. He couldn't quite grasp that Ali wasn't born yet.

It's something I'm sure we'll do again over the years and as our 8th anniversary approaches...I'm ever so thankful that Cory came into my life. Just like the song 'Keeper of the Stars' there is someone watching over us. Cory came into my life in High School as a friend and was always there, if you would've told me that first night I met him that some day he'd be my husband and father of my kids I'd say you were nuts.

Reminds me of another song, sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I wanted to check in and let you all know I'm here, alive and my body hasn't suffered any horrible side effects. I'm on month 3 of my pills and am starting to notice a difference. I can actually wash my face and not feel gross bumps all along my chin line. I do still get breakouts, but they don't last near as long and they are not as dramatic.

 I do have extremely dry lips that peel, crack and bleed. But that has been the only real side effect. My doc says that in months 4-6 is when people notice the most difference, so I'm excited. I've actually had people comment on FB and in person how great my skin looks. I'm sorry..What?? My skin and great looking aren't usually in a sentence together!

With Cory's surgery we had met our out of pocket maximum so I'm not looking forward to Jan/Feb/March, these 30 day supplies of medicine are over $300. Ouch. So, I'm hoping I continue to see great results. I still maintain these are the hardest pills to obtain EVER. Like I think it might be easier to score crack, or so I've seen on TV.

Every 30 days I have set window to get blood drawn, go to my doc then once they get results I have to go online and answer questions about pregnancy. Like 'If I have sex under water I can't get pregnant'  True or False.

I had to read that question like 4x because I kept thinking, who the hell kind of people are taking these pills and why would this question ever be relevant?? Nontheless, I answer them every month then go get my pills. And start the whole process over every 30 days.

For those that are curious, you CAN get pregnant under water.

I might have saved a life just then. Just sayin... Your Welcome. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No more babies

So, here's the thing. We're done having physically DONE. This idea sometimes strikes a panic in me, like I have to hold on the every last second of Casey's babyhood. Other times, it's like ~ thank goodness we aren't having anymore because I simply couldn't handle one more child! But most the time, it's me holding on to the baby. 

Let's break this down, Casey is 3.5 years old. The same age Jayden was when Casey was born. Jayden seemed so much older to be back then, I'm sure it's not that Casey is any less mature, but it may have something to do with me holding him back. A little. Ok, a lot. 

Casey has his woobie and every night we read a book and I rocky him. Yes that is what I call it. He still has the rocking chair in his room that I rocked Jayden in when we first brought him home and Casey too. Sometimes we sing songs and other times I just tickle his forehead, but I love it. I love snuggle time with Casey and I've turned him into a complete snuggle-holic. Let me be clear, I am not giving up the rocking chair. 

Casey's been in his crib still, we've converted it to a toddler bed but still, basically a crib. So this year, Santa's decided it's time for a big boy bed. We actually got a great deal on the bed and mattress from RC Willey, I wasn't worried about a head board because all Jayden does with his head board is jump on it and smash it into the wall. So, no headboards for awhile. The bonus is that with this bed, it has three drawers below it for extra storage and you don't need a box spring. So, not treats under the bed and more room for clothes!

Christmas Eve, Santa worked really hard to get the bed put together. And boy, was Santa happy with Mrs. Claus for buying a bed with a lot of parts. YOUR WELCOME! After the chaos of Christmas, Cory took down Casey's crib. I couldn't watch or be in the room. I'm not sure why it's a big deal, but it truly felt monumental. Like NO MORE CRIBS. Ever. 

We got his bed all set up and Casey loves it. He loves Mater and SpongeBob. He has done really well in his bed, we've got a feather bed on the floor at night in case he rolls off while he gets use to it. 

Casey told me that night, 'Look more baby bed for Casey! I'm a big boy.' I said,

 'Yes you are! Now, let's get your sippy cup with strawberry milk and let mommy rocky you awhile'....
I know. Stop judging me. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birthday 2012

Another year has come and gone, I can't believe I have a 7 year old. Jayden is really growing up so fast and turning into a teenager right before my eyes. We had family over like usual and had a great night. In the beginning we would have EVERYONE come, aunts,  uncles, nieces, etc and it makes it hard to spend quality time with everyone. So the last couple of years, we've just had immediate family over and it seems to work out better. Of course we LOVE all of our family, but it's easier for Jade to get some one/one time with Grandparents and cousins. 

We kept it simple with cake and ice cream and presents of course! I thought it went well and Jayden made out like a bandit as always with lots of toys. 

My poor Mother in Law, yes that is Diane my father is sitting on. If she's anywhere near him he's usually hugging, kissing or fondling her. Good thing for my Dad, both my mother and Diane are good sports. What can I say? He's just a big teddy bear.  

Happy Boy. Yes, that's Call of Duty Black OPS II. Yes, I'm aware that's for people over the age 18. Yes, I'm going to be paying for therapy.  

And again, not even Grandsons are safe from Pa Harley. That is Ethan attempting to avoid the bear hug. He failed. 

Happy Birthday to two of the greatest boys I know, I'm so thankful to have both of you in my life and I can't wait to see what the next 7 years bring. Jayden, you are incredible. You frustrate me to no end, bring joy to my life and make me laugh, cry and just stand in awe of you. 

Cory, you are my everything. Thank you for making me a better woman and giving me the two greatest accomplishments in my life, our sons. 
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