Monday, December 31, 2012

Polar Express 2012

This year we finally were able to purchase tickets to the Polar Express Train in Heber City, UT. I've wanted to do this the last couple of years, by the time I would think of it, they were sold out! Diane was gracious enough to purchase us all tickets as a part of our Christmas this year, so early on a Sunday morning we headed up the snowy canyon in three cars. Cory, the boys and I in our car, Diane, Chelsea and Denny together and Steve, Shanna and Maizey in the third car. 

The trip was complete with 100 potty stops for Maizey..I'm a cheat and put a pull up on Casey. I know, he's like twelve but I didn't want to get out in the snow! We made it to the station just in time, which actually worked great because by the time we did a quick potty trip and boarded the train we didn't have to wait long at all!

If you have never done this trip, I highly recommend it. I cannot believe how much fun we had! There were heaters so it wasn't face we all ended up with our coats off. The boys were vapor locking because we didn't know if it would be cold or not so they had Christmas Story style clothes on with 4 pairs of pants, socks and shirts Ü Ha ha, oops. 

The elves sang fun Christmas songs and had hot chocolate and cookies. They did Christmas trivia and we had room to move around. I'm glad we did it in the day time so the kids could see we were actually on a train. Then the train mad a stop for reindeer and then all of a sudden they could see Santa outside waiving. 

Santa comes in each car and the kids have name tags on, he walked up and said 'Oh Casey, I just LOVE you!' Casey had this huge smile on his face and as a mother it just doesn't get any better. Jayden was a little skeptical but he caught on with the Christmas spirit. We all joined in the fun and were singing...even Cory! 

This is a memory I will cherish for a lifetime and I'm hoping a tradition we can make happen every year. I kept thinking about my nieces and nephews on my side of the family and how much they'd love it. 

The kids all got Red Rudolph noses to sing their favorite song!

Boys meeting Mrs. Claus

Me and my Love. 

If you remember in time to buy tickets, I recommend you try it once. I wouldn't spend the extra $10 a person on first class, you really just get a coffee cup to take home. I also suggest going in the day time so kids can see the lake and everything. Don't worry about too warm of clothes, the train has a heater!

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