Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Woobie Woes

Why is it our job as parents to teach our kids the hardest lesson's? Even at age 3. I mean, why can't we send them somewhere to learn the hard lessons then come home for love and support from Mom and Dad. Kind of like how Santa gets all the cool presents, I mean what the hell?!

Last week I received a phone call at work, on the cell ID it read 'Casey's Daycare'. I'm still getting used to the idea of him being there, so this made my heart jump instantly. When I answered, the first thing Melissa (the owner) said to me was 'Everything's ok, just wanted to chat about Casey'.

I listened as she explained that usually they like the kids to bring a blanket from home to snuggle with at nap time, however, sometimes when the kids are too attached to the blankie, it makes daycare days even harder. Casey, my love falls into that latter category.

I felt like telling her, well I could've told you that! Casey is in LOVE with his woobie. He plays good without him at home (yes, I just referred to the blanket as a person because this is what we do in our home) but when he's laying around, cuddling or especially at bedtime...woobie and Casey are inseparable. He shoves as much of woobie in his mouth as possible and snuggles into him. He tells woobie he loves him and lays woobie down for naps during the day. He also likes to tickle woobie between his fingers and if I cut his nails too short, I get in trouble because he can't tickle woobie they way he likes.

I've had this conversation with my sister and cousin Ashley and each time I say it, it gets a little more strange. I mean who cuts their kids nails just right so they can tickle a damn blanket!

Back to daycare, apparently what we thought was helping Casey was in fact making it worse for him at school. You see, every time they did an activity where he couldn't have his woobie, Casey baby would cry and cry just like when Mom or Dad drops him off in the morning. He had started to seclude himself so he could stay with woobie. Not good. So, the plan was to start leaving woobie at home and they would let Casey pick out a blankie to nap with everyday. Melissa assured me that with kids in the past they'd done this with, the outcome was always positive. The kids would actually walk to class in the morning, interact with others and generally become more independent.

Well the words she was speaking to me made sense, but my heart was stopping as I heard her. I felt my lungs get tighter as the air escaped, because I knew what I was about to do was going to break my baby's heart. I mean, I'm already sending him away from home everyday, his woobie was his connection to home! Now, I had to take that too?? I felt a little light headed. I came home and talked to Cory about it, he was not a big fan at first but the more I talked about it the more it seemed like it would make sense for Casey. I knew the first week would be hard, but hopefully it would help him in the long run.

So, I started getting Casey ready. 'Ok Casey, Monday when we got to school, woobie will stay home.'

'WHY Mommy??

'Well, woobie is getting too dirty at school. He needs to stay here and rest until you get home.'

'How bout if I'm not naughty wif my woobie at school? How bout that Mom?'

Apparently Cory had told Casey woobie had to stay home because he was being naughty. Shoot. Hate it when we don't plan ahead with our game plan together Ü

I told Casey it'd be ok and that we could sing woobie a song before we left and tuck him in tight into bed. That way, he'd be ready for him when he got home. So Monday, we sang ABC's to woobie, gave him a big hug and a kiss and headed out the door, straight towards independence!

He actually did ok at drop off and the teachers said he even napped without woobie. As soon as we got home, Casey ran straight to get woobie where he stayed all tucked into his mouth the rest of the night. Today, we sang another song and gave woobie a hug... unfortunately for me, the tears came this morning. I'm hoping he had a better day today and that sooner rather than later, it won't be so hard to leave his faithful friend at home.

For now...it's hugs and kisses each morning.  

I love you Casey. 

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Anonymous said...

Such a good mommy!


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