Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Because sometimes, I like to have nice things

Yesterday, while I had a few hours to myself I decided to spruce up my kitchen table. I normally only put out tablecloths for family dinners or when company is coming. With the cool weather, I decided I could light my pumpkin candle. Then that turned into, why don't I iron a tablecloth and find some decorations to put around it? This is what I came up with from crafts in my hall closet. Not too bad in my opinion.

So, the boys come home and running in the kitchen for something to eat. Which by the way, why can't they do that at dinner time? Because at dinner time, it's like the kitchen is the plague and they can't get far enough away.

I digress.

Jayden comes ripping into the kitchen and comes to a halt when he sees the table...

'MOM!! Who is coming over for dinner???'

'No one.'

'Then why is all the nice stuff out?'

'Because sometimes Jayden, sometimes I like to have nice things for just ME.'

'Oh. 3 second pause, Can I blow out the candle?'

Ugh. Noooo. It's MY candle at MY table...don't TOUCH IT!

So, for the entire day my kitchen table looked so nice. Why the boys played outside I just sat at my table. My nice, decorative table. Almost like I was in a far away land. The land of pretty and quiet. Where Mom's sip on their coffee and enjoy the quiet and can even use the restroom in private. They also don't have to worry when they use the restroom that they might end up sitting in a puddle of toddler pee.

Yes, that's where I stayed for at least ten minutes. Ten wonderful minutes. ♥

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Anonymous said...

So funny! The table is beautiful, glad you got your ten minutes.

Love ya,

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