Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's for lunch

At the beginning of the school year, I made the mistake of thinking Jayden would be sooo excited to finally eat school lunch! Well, as most things Jayden - I was wrong! He eats with his cousins everyday who eat home lunch (Thanks Sis!) So, now I've got an account with money for him and have no clue what to put in his lunch box everyday. I also read on my friends FB that she went with her son to school lunch and that #1 it tastes horrible and #2 the kids don't hardly eat any of it!

I also hate to think he's going to eat PB & Honey for the whole school year, so I researched a few web sites, and it happens to be there are a TON of ideas out there. This weekend I'm attempting to do my own PB&J uncrustables to freeze for a big supply...but for now..

So, here is my first attempt at creative lunch boxes...

Turkey Pinwheels - take a tortilla, spread miracle whip or mayo add cheese, then roll up! I cut his into a couple pieces.

Fruit Kabobs - Strawberry, banana's and grapes (I'm hoping the toothpick idea doesn't backfire and he gets kicked out of school for having sharp paraphernalia!)

Baby carrots and ranch dressing

Pudding snack

Capri Sun

**Maybe a few candies to help brighten his day!**

I hope he was the envy of the lunch room AND I hope my sisters kids go home with high expectations...ha ha ha. Take that Lisa!! ♥

Stay tuned for more lunch time ideas


Shmonae said...

woah...I really needed some ideas for lunches! although, I am sure I will still make pbj's :)

Kallie said...

Thanks for the ideas, we had to buy Dax a thermos for Pizza rolls, mini corn dogs, & chicken nuggets since he doesn't eat bread. Most days he takes a lunch-able, which is about the same price as a school lunch. I am not use to packing a lunch, cause the girls always ate school lunch. But it is kind of fun to get creative.

Kallie said...

Oh, and yes most of the kids did waste their food when I went to lunch with Dax. I was cringing as I saw the kids throwing food away without really eating anything. I made a rule for Dax, that anything he didn't eat in his home lunch he needed to put back in his lunch box and eat as a after school snack. That way I could see what he did eat. When I use to work at the school use to put cute little notes in their kids lunch boxes. Fun idea!

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