Sunday, September 16, 2012

School Days

I can't believe another summer has come and gone! We've been so busy it seems like it was just yesterday Jayden was graduating Kindergarten. We actually finally got the boys to sleep in a little, and when I say sleeping in I mean like 7:30-8 am. Some mornings we lucked out with 9 am. :( *sigh*

(All you single, kid-less people better be enjoying your mornings!)

Jayden was really excited to start 1st grade, we went to the back to school night and met his teacher. Mrs. Baer. He actually has been so great this year compared to last to year. We always had to fight to get him up and dressed and to go. Homework? HA! That was a challenge.

I can't believe this kid, he's up between 6:30-7:00 am eats breakfast and gets dressed. He has to get ready early, because with Cory being down and I have to get Casey to school then drive my 45 minute commute so Jayden gets ready, then watches TV or plays XBOX. When the bus is about to come, I call the house phone to wish him a great day at school and off he goes! For homework, he's been reading very well, like so well he's passing off a book every night! (Please stay tuned for a future story on reading books) I have my fingers crossed it stays like this, and we'll have a great year!

Oh Casey squishy..oh how I love thee. Oh how you break my heart every morning for preschool/daycare drop off. Casey has the getting up early, eating breakfast, watching Sponge Bob then getting dressed part of our morning down packed. Now, as for the pulling into the school parking lot and walking into class...well that's a horse of a different color. Let's see...the first day I took him he started screaming and kicking the teacher. FUN! Then, we've slowly started to get a tiny bit better each day.

Now, we walk into the school, he asks me whats on the menu for lunch and he walks into the classroom..but as soon as he senses me leaving he drops his head into his hands and cries. Like a heartbreaking, you're the world's worst mommy, why would you leave me here cry?! Seriously, feel like I age 5-10 years every morning. When we pick him up, he seems to have had a good day, and is playing. The teachers tell me that as soon as I go, he's fine. But of course he is. Little stink.

We're down two weeks and he's still alive and shockingly so am I. I'm hoping the days get better, but until then I take a deep breath each day as we pull into the parking lot. I always go back to my Mom's saying 'Anyone can do anything for a certain amount of time!'

So, until the day when Casey is excited to leave for school all I can say is

'Casey baby.. I love you. Mommy works hard for you and brother. One day when you're older and hopefully, we're still the best of friends, you'll look back and think maybe, just maybe life wasn't so bad. Love you to the moon and back.'

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