Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just another naughty Jayden-ism

Jade..oh you sweet little boy. You sweet, smart, handsome, naughty, mischievous little tiny pain in the .....So, as I mentioned earlier how great Jayden was doing with his reading at school? Like, could not believe he'd pick up these books, sound the words out and READ. Of course, this just solidifies that we totally ROCK at parenting and confirms that GOD didn't mess up by giving us these angels. He can READ!

So..my wheels are turning..how can I keep this up? We'll reward him! That's the ticket. So, off we went to buy a totally sweet new Bumblebee Transformers book bag, and new pants and two totally awesome shirts. Then I promise to take him to the back to school bash after work so I can watch my two devils angels run, play, laugh, be kids. This for sure will keep Jayden on the homework bandwagon. *SiGh*

Thursday night, I open his bag to find his book from last night in there. Only now, this little book has a sticky note attached. A sticky..from..the..TEACHER.

Mrs. Green,
Jayden tried very hard today to read his book. There a few words he needs to work on. Jayden was scared he'd be in trouble for not passing off his book. Could you please assure him he's never in trouble when he tries his best! Thanks, Mrs. B.

What the hell. I mean, what in the HELL!? Scared? What could this little shit kid be scared off?? We've been REWARDING him all..week...long! Not only that, I told him 'don't stress! you can wait to pass your books off. We just need to read every night and that's good enough for me!' Tells his teacher he's scared... Well, I'll tell you what he should be scared of...ME..after reading a note from the teacher which basically means 'Your kid is in fear for his life, stop beating your children or we'll call Social Services lady' UGH.

So we have a serious conversation about how he's NOT in trouble for the book, but you bet your sweet ass you're in trouble for telling the teacher that big fatty lie!! He said, 'I didn't say it to the teacher mom, just the parent aid' Oh great, they are probably our new neighbors.

Turns out that the night before, Mr. Readathon wanted to play XBOX with Dad and wasn't slowing down on his reading. So Dad gets mad and won't let him play until he does his homework. So really, he was worried Dad would be mad that he didn't try his best at reading to get away with XBOX.

Well, another life lesson for the three of us as we had our heart to heart and the dinner table. How we don't tell people we're scared of Mom and Dad...unless you're really scared of us? Wait..ARE YOU!? Jayden assures us that he is not in fact scared. Whew. That we'll work on his reading and not worry about how fast we're passing off books, we're just happy he likes to do it most the time.

As for the teacher, I sent her an e-mail explaining this whole funny story that really is fine and no one is scared. However, now forever in her mind I'll be the mother who scared her son for not reading who she had to send a note home to let her know people are watching so you better not be beating your kids. Yeah, I hear you..loud and clear!

It must be 5 o'clock somewhere....

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