Monday, September 17, 2012

Cory Update

Cory's been doing great, working hard and suffering right through hell recovery. It's been a l-o-n-g road. Right now if you were to ask him, he'd tell you this was the worse decision of our lives. I'm feeling confident as time goes on, he'll feel differently. We had a rough stay in the hospital, my previous post was a note I wrote to Cory on his last day there. I was so frustrated with the hospital and our surgeons PA, I could have burst. Technically, I think I did. Don't worry, the PA and the recovery floor manager are all fully aware of my concerns and frustrations. You know..I crucial-ed those conversations. Ü

The first week home was rough as well, trying to keep boys quiet is like trying to keep a Popsicle from melting in 100 degree weather. Ain't happen'n. Cory had to be on oxygen for the first two weeks, and we came home with a machine that keeps his leg moving 24-7 while he rests. Compile that with the ice machine by the bed and my once luxurious bedroom pretty much resembled an assisted living home. What a humbling experience!

(The words I'm about to say are only to vent, please don't worry about offering to take my kids or bring us anymore dinners...truly just to attempt to put into words my world for the last 3 weeks. And YES I know I'm not the one who had surgery...this is a very important thing to remember while taking care of your spouse whom you may or may not ponder smothering a time or two)

All those single mothers out there? Power to you BitCheS! I mean holy batshit crazyness. When Cory was really down for about 1.5 weeks after we got home, it was caring for him which included making sure his oxygen was on, documenting EVERY pill he takes and what time/how many? Do you need ice? Do you need a pillow? Do you have to go pee? Helping him shower, trying to get him to eat, are you OK? Scheduling physical therapy/answering phone calls, sending texts with updates/asking for HELP from family/getting advice from everyone whose had surgery/are you giving him enough pills?/try another pill/make him eat!/make sure he does his exercises/visitors/no sleep/waking up every 3 hours for more ice, pills, bathroom breaks! What can I do? Then add that will all the regulars of the to school night/set up preschool/hair cuts/school shopping/do they have back packs?/Have I paid for Jayden's school lunch? Oh that's right, don't forget to eat Kimberli...Hey Kimberli, check your work e-mail you've had a teller quit, the vaults not balancing, so and so didn't show up for the market staff meeting. Cry? You don't have time to cry? Irritable? HA! My kids saw mother dearest for a few days, as I worked to help us all survive. Poor Cory got the worst of my attitude a few times...yes not my proudest moments. BUT! Did we survive? YES WE DID.

We are finding our way again, Cory is actually down to one crutch and working hard on his physical therapy. Now it's just talking him into staying down just a little bit longer to help his recovery. He doesn't like to sit still and feels like a prisoner. He hates asking for help or putting people out, so this whole experience has been a real struggle for my husband. The kids are doing better and with Cory up most the day they are able to run and laugh and scream out their jitter bugs during the evenings and weekends.

I truly am so thankful for all the kind words, thoughts, meals, texts and FB posts. My family literally saved my life. Sisters, Mom's, Aunts, Dad's, Nephews, Cousins, Grannies...everyone pitched in. Doesn't matter how big or how small the help was, it was a breath of fresh air every single time. So many dinners, the kids got taken by family they love to go fun places. Our families took so much time out of their already crazy days to help without a fuss or question. Cole came over one night and mowed/edged the lawn why I pulled weeds, it felt so good to have the yard done. My sisters already have handfuls of their own and offered to keep the kids a few hours so I could nap or clean. Our parents continue to help me with Casey, picking him up from daycare on my late nights at work.

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted, it's bound to be a long road still but we've made it so far already. ♥

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