Monday, August 6, 2012


We headed to the Pioneer Days Rodeo for our second year, my good friend Jaimie and her Hubby always help us get tickets. This year, we even talked Dad into going!! It was an eventful night when Casey decided to get a case of the squirts right as we were waiting for our tickets. Attempting that in an out house is NOT  something I'd recommend. 

We passed the time with pictures, leave it to my boys to find the anatomically correct horse and THEN touch his parts just to make sure they were attached. 

Casey finished the moment by yelling, 'Look Dad, it has a W-E-I-N-E-R!'

The Green Family 2012
(A family portrait the truly captures our life!)

We made it through the entire Rodeo, with a few bumps and bruises from Mom when their little ears just couldn't listen! But overall, we had a great time with friends. Barrel Racing is my favorite and something high on my bucket list is to one time perform in a rodeo on a barrel horse. Yes, I realize I'm 31 and I'm not giving up hope yet!

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Brittany Ciara said...

The horse/parts story... TOO funny!

Never give up! :)

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