Sunday, August 5, 2012

Casey turns 3!

We had a great time this year for Casey's birthday. Some days I can't believe he's already 3 and others I can't believe it's ONLY been three years since we welcome this sweet beautiful baby into our home. We had two family parties, the Kellerstrass side we celebrate Kayli Jo's (24th) and Casey's (26th). Then we had the Green/Stanley side over. 

We also headed to Chucky Cheese on the big day just the four of us for some family time. Casey seemed to have a great time on all three days we celebrated, and I can say another successful year down!

Opening up presents with Mom, you can see I was much more enthusiastic about clothes than Mr. Casey was. Ü 

Laurie and James, you'd never guess they've been married 15 years and have teenage twin boys. It could be 16 years, I've lost count. 

 I just love his beautiful face. Not sure what face I'm pulling!

 Casey spreading the kisses around to Grandpa Gary  and Ma Jo to say thanks for his Sponge Bob backpack and ball

 Can't leave out Great Grandpa Earle!

 Miss Kayli Jo. 
She got money from everyone to get an iPod touch

 Aunt Lisa helping to hold Casey up while we sang Happy Birthday!

Jayden living out his dreams like his mommy of one day owning our own real life horse!
Daddy and Casey stand off 

 Celebrating with the Stanley's. Maizey was having fun swimming and supervising the presents. 
(Please take note of the hat in both pictures. I'm currently hating my face and hair. That's a future post to come)
Ha ha. Oh Silly Grandpa Denny, got Casey a card for his 4th Birthday..we'll save it for next year! 

 Can never go wrong with some cash!

 Between Sponge Bob packback and ball then the Ford F150 Raptor..the two most favorite gifts. He's been riding in it non stop since his birthday! And constantly fighting brother on who gets to drive. Pretty sure my grass and dogs will never be the same. 

 Maizey thinking..'Um, where is the exit to this crazy ride!'

Happy birthday baby boy! Your family loves you so very much, I couldn't imagine life without my cuddly little babycakes. You make me smile, laugh and sometimes wonder with the crazy things that come out of your mouth. I hope you know how loved you are, each and every day. 

We are truly blessed to have our boys healthy, happy and home. 

Casey Lake Green
7lbs 9oz 22 inches long

Casey/6 Months

Casey One

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Rob'n'Mon said...

Looks like a whole lot of partying going on! I can't believe how quickly your kiddos are growing up!

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