Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Star Valley 2012

We headed up to my parents home away from home over the 4th of July and broke in the trailer. (Not how one would normally like to break in  a trailer) Nonetheless, we had FuN!

The drive was a bit long for two unruly little boys, who should've slept longer, and after a couple wrong turns and a detour, we arrived alive on Tuesday night. 

My parents own a lot at the Star Valley RV Resort where they park the Pent House of trailers they own. Seriously, this thing is nicer than most starter homes. Which equals a recipe for disaster if little hands aren't watched at all times. They  have a beautiful set up complete with a patio, golf cart, shed, ice makers, fire pit, planted flowers in pots, tube lighting for decor, a kennel for their pups, covered tent for their grill, you name it they have it. The park itself has a beautiful golf course, swimming pool and bumper boats. 

I loved to tease my Dad about the people who all live in the park. They all drive by the lots in golf carts and wave like it's Mayberry. Then, after they waive they tell you all about how that guy's a jerk and that lady is so nosy! 

I said to my Dad, 'So really it's like gangs. Do your golf carts have colors? Like the Bloods and the Crypts?' He didn't share my amusement, but I was cracking myself up. They have parties and you're cool if you get an invite and plan to take out their flower beds if you don't. Ok, maybe I made that last part up, but I could totally see it. 

We spent a lot of hours walking while the kids rode their bikes all over and Jayden proceeded to show me 'Look Ma, no hands!' after several almost crashes and several near heart failures, I decided that he wasn't going that fast and hey, if he crashed, maybe it'd slow him down for 5 minutes. (Yes I actually thought that and Yes I know GOD heard...don't worry, were besties and he still loves me)

We also went swimming where I learned that while working 45+ hours a week, my kids learned to swim. They are swim maniacs and LOVE it. It was pure torture to take Casey out of the pool which included a massive break down and total hysterical fit with kicking and all. FUN!

My parents fed us breakfast and dinner everyday and it was delicious. There is something about having food like the kind you had all your adolescent life that just makes you feel good. I've heard the saying 'Nobody does it like Mom' and this is definitely the case with my Mom. LOVED it. As usual, they stocked their cooler with Coke for Cory, Smirnoff Ice for me and pop for the kids. SPOILED ROTTEN. 

I also learned I love a new drink called a Lime a Rita from Bud Light. I HATE margaritas and beer but apparently I love a Lime A Rita on a hot summer day. Yes there were times I wasn't drinking on this vacation. Just not many of them! I would also like to point out to the non drinkers who are judging me right now. You CAN in fact enjoy a few drinks without becoming SMASHED. 

On one attempt to entertain the kids, we headed up a dirt road to Gray's River just outside Alpine, WY. The kids spent hours throwing rocks, which apparently is a fascinating thing to do as a young boy. And peeing in a river..because what's NOT fun about whipping out a wiener and peeing in the wide open country? I wouldn't know, but it sent my boys into seventh heaven.  

Casey had to find every large boulder that weighed at least as much as him if not more. Some didn't make it over his head and one actually made it into his brother's back.

We stopped in Jackson Hole for an hour or so. Long enough to walk another 5 miles and to get the boys some wolf and bear shirts then some lunch. Here they are patiently waiting for the pizza. I'd love to just strangle them, but seriously...take a look at those faces. I mean let's have a moment of silence to recognize Cory and I may have birthed the cutest children EVER. (really I did 95% of the work, right??!)

We took this picture several years ago when Jayden was just a baby and he looks about this happy. I'm not sure what they're looking at her, but I'd be willing to bet it's interesting!

Alright, maybe that handsome husband of mine had something to do with the cuteness of our children. He's pretty much a HOTTIE! (which leads me back to how I'd really like to break in the trailer ;)

I'd like to point out Jayden's ability to strike a pose in this shot. Not too shabby for a camera phone, I feel like I was really able to capture the mood of these wild children standing with their nature bear mother. 

We really did have a great time, although tiring. These last pictures really show how we all felt at the end of our vacation. Poor Addie baby girl...she's getting up there in years and isn't used to all that walking. Her hips have been bugging her :( I'm going to go ahead and ignore that fact and pretend like she's still my 2 yr old bear cub puppy. 

This is how she looked most of the trip, when I wasn't dragging her around on gravel and pavement. At one point she actually sat down in the road in the middle of the walk and if dogs could talk, she'd say 'Eff you Mom. I'm NOT walking one more foot!' 

Jayden was in mid sentence asking Cory about bears...where are the bears? will they eat us? would they eat Addie? If there were a bear would you run Dad? Would you jump in front of a bear to save me and Casey Dad? What do bears smell like? Have you seen a bear? Then there was silence and I looked behind my seat to find my wild bear wrestler passed out cold with his drink in his mouth. Ü

I'm glad we got to spend some time with my parents, with working full time and them spending weekends in Star Valley, we don't get to see them a lot. My kids love to spend time with Grandpa Gary and Ma Jo, Jayden especially. He'd sneak away for some alone time with his grandparents any chance he got. He feels like a grown up when he can hang with them.

We did come home to our air conditioner broke AGAIN. It was a whopping 92 degrees in our house for over 24 hours. After a long drive, and coming home to that kind of heat, I thought I just may strangle someone. They came out and replaced a part and we're back in business and no one was injured.

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It's always good to spend time with the folks....just not too much time!!

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