Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Say What!

Before we went to Florida, I went into Dillard's to scope out a new dress and some shorts. I had been wanting some salmon colored shorts, I have a pair of capri's and get a lot of compliments on the color. I'm normally a Levi shorts girl and wanted to branch out into some bright colors for the summer.

I head upstairs to the clothing department and head over to the JR's. Yes I know I'm not a JR, but still, I can't shop in the old lady section and I'm fine just buying a bigger size than I would if I chose to shop in my era. So, I'm browsing, and across the way I see some shorts in just the color I want! I realize they are in the petite section, but who cares about length on shorts and anyways, I can always size up. So, I start picking through the sizes when across the hall I hear,

'Ma'am, this is the petite section.' in a very loud and snotty voice.

I feel my temperature start to rise and without making eye contact I reply 'I'm aware, thank you' in my tone that says 'step the hell off lady, I know what section I'm in'

This brainless saleswoman again YELLS across the isle

'Well, you just don't look like you would fit into a petite!'


Now, I'm extremely pissed and embarrassed. I look at her and in my coldest tone possible say..

'Thank you.'   and I walked away. I freakin walked away!

I can't even believe that lady, as I finished shopping on the other side of the store I wanted to go back to her and in my best Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts ~ street walker found billionaire with bags of clothes say...

'You work on commission right? BIG mistake, HUGE!' and walk away. But I didn't. I just went to my car and fumed the entire way home. I mean, what in the hell was she thinking!!! So, I'm using my blog to vent my disgust. Here is what I'd like to go back and say,

'Listen, you half brained heifer. I KNOW what part of the store I'm shopping in. I can read for hells sakes. What the hell do YOU care what section I shop in? As long as I shove my ghetto booty into a pair of effin shorts and you get a sale, that's all that should effin matter. In fact, you should be SELLING every piece of clothing you possibly can to keep up with that mouth of yours that seems to be running off your stupid blonde face!'


Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

Thanks for making me laugh. I seriously cannot believe her, what an idiot. I'm unsure why she thinks she can decide who shops where. People are so annoying. And honestly, you can shop in the petite section, you are a small girl. So screw her, you go shop in the Petites!

Rob'n'Mon said...

Wow! What business is it of hers? Even if she really didn't think it could fit, how does she know you weren't shopping for someone else? Go back and find your shorts!

Unknown said...

Kimberli you kill me. I freakin love you. You totally should have said something to her. You are a petite woman and totally would have fit in those clothes.

Unknown said...

for some reason that last comment showed me as unknown... but it was me Jeni :)

Heather said...

What in the hell??????? Was she being serious????? What if you were buying a gift?? I am proud of you for not saying anything but I kinda wish you would have haha. I love you!

Stephy said...

OMG! That lady should go to jail....Your blog is so funny. P.S. I love the picture of your hubby kissing you on the beach.

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