Monday, June 11, 2012

Remember MrsJekl

I'm driving to work Tuesday morning and traffic starts to come to a stop. I start using my breaks, and then all of a sudden it comes to a complete stop. I hit my brakes and come to a stop just feet before the jetta in front of me. In a split second I remember thinking, 'whew, holy shit that was close!' Then to seeing my coffee fly in slow motion out of my hand, my head hitting my seat then my window and being shoved into the jetta in front of me. 

This first picture is the guy in a Dodge Neon who ran into the back of me. Poor MrsJekl :( She did not fair to well. He pushed my entire trunk up and forward along with all my stuff from my old office. Then, when I hit the jetta, it separated my hood from my side panel. 

Amazing that all I really suffered was a headache and neck ache the next day, I took some medication and was fine! This really could've been a lot worse. I think what was the scariest for me is not knowing who or what was hitting me from behind. I literally had no control over where my car was being pushed.

Turns out, three cars behind the neon all had their own accident, then parallel to us in the slow lane a little Celica hit into the back of a Semi and a Lexus hit into her! Needless to say it was quite the welcome back from vacation :( I'm hoping they'll be able to fix my car...I've never had a car I love as much as my fusion..keep your fingers crossed for me!

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