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We made it home safe from Florida! It was such a wonderful vacation, warm and humid, surrounded by family. What more could a girl ask for? Well, besides how excited I was to have a vacation without chasing little ones..I may have had a teeny bit of a hard time leaving them for so long. 

Jayden was 2 last time we left this long, so it's been awhile and I have NEVER been this long without my Casey Baby-Cakes. They were in good hands with Cole, Laurie and Courtney (nanny) I only was tearful two times, on the first night when the boys called so we could sing their nightly tunes with them, Casey heard my voice and started to cry 'Momma come home!' Oh freakin hell, like ripping my heart out! I work full time, so my nights with the boys are critical and the bedtime ritual is never skipped. That is mommy time when I get to snuggle with the babies, sing songs and rock Casey, then usually go lay in bed with Jayden for awhile. Yes - nights without them were hard :(

The days were very relaxing however! We spent Sunday-Thursday at the farm with Grandma and Papa. Cory spent his days riding the tractor, tearing down trees and mowing wild grass. When it was really hot, I'd walk out in the field and take him a glass of sweet tea, singing 'She thinks my tractor's SEXY!'. Yes, real southern belle here folks! We had delicious southern cooking, courtesy of Grannie and Aunt 'Nita. Homemade Cornbread (cakebread), southern peas, homemade fried chicken, burgers, fried okra, lemon cake, blueberry cobbler. I mean, we ate ALL the time. When we weren't eating, we were drinking coffee and/or sweet tea. We ate over at Anita's on her porch, she has a delicious outside ceiling fan that kept the humidity slightly cooled. I loved listening to Jerry (Anita's husband) and Papa talking. Their voices were thick with that southern drawl that makes me smile every time I hear it. Jerry would say 'Now lookie herr' I loved just sitting back and taking it all in. I'm so lucky to be a part of this family. 

 When we ventured out, we took the usual tours courtesy of Papa. We went to this beautiful lake, right before sunset. It was amazing! People were boating and chilling out on the sand. It's off a back country road where no one but locals would be able to find.

This is the same lake from above, the sunset was AMAZING!

 This is our friend who got lost after a night of rain, Cory got a shovel and helped him and his friend cross through the gate to make their way back to the pond. I can't believe how many turtles were in the ponds, yards, everywhere.

 Looking to the house from off the Highway. Words cannot describe how I love this place. No matter how many times we go, it's always something new to see and places to adventure. It is so humid and sticky hot. I LOVE being hot, sun on my skin, sunburned (yes I know) hot summers are my favorite!

This is our mode of transportation around the property. We took the smaller 4-wheeler so Shanna and Mom could be comfortable. Cory came up with this towel idea to keep his legs from dragging. I sat behind him and operated the gear shifts while he did the clutch. Some days it does come in handy to have a wife that knows how to operate clutches on all motorcycles and atv's!

We went to Two Cousins for breakfast. Which from the outside looks like a shed and the inside kind of the same, but wonderfully greasy food! The streets are paved with sea shells! I took advantage of this picture after breakfast that morning and think I might enlarge it to black and white.

The magnolia trees were breath taking, I can't believe the strength of the smell. It was overwhelming, if I could find a perfume that smelled of that, or even scentsy my house would be drenched in it.

 We went to a fun little mexican restaurant in Geneva, AL. That pina coloda was delicious, almost as delicious as my husband sitting next to me! 

Don't worry, I read Fifty Shades of Grey while on vacation..that is an entirely separate blog post to come... 

It was so nice to be able to go places and not worry about nap times or what the kids were getting into. We were lazy some days, busy some days and when Cory was busy on the tractor, I spent many hours with a pillow on the swing and reading my book on the front porch. 

On one of our trips to Geneva, AL we stopped at a park. This is the Witness Tree. There is a plaque under the tree claiming it in 1787, stating the tree has been here when the US constitution was signed. Grandma said that people who worked the cotton fields would bask under it's shade and eat lunch. She said the tree's been a witness to many things and it is a very spiritual place. To listen to the wind through the trees is spooky, and a very neat experience. Words cannot describe how big this tree is. It grows into the ground on all sides.

Wildlife ~ OMG! We went walking through a park by the Witness Tree an saw this animal. Now, it's head looked like a turkey and the body of a duck. It waddled like a duck and hung out with other ducks, so I called them Florida Durkeys!!

So, we head down to the river banks, it's this huge area where two rivers meet into one. I think it's amazing and start taking pictures. Well I go to head down one side and Cory grabs my shoulders, don't worry, just a water moccasin in the water!! He was NOT happy with visitors and was possibly the biggest snake I've ever seen in the wild. I'll take my baby gardener snakes at my house any day! YIKES!
One of Diane's favorite things is to visit antique shops. We made it into several and this was one in DeFuniak Springs. Each room was like someone's house and this room was my favorite! I want a reading room in a house someday with this decor
Did I mention I love the beach?? Here are my toes relaxing in the sand while I soaked up the sun. It was so wonderful when we headed into Destin to our Condo for Mom's birthday. The sand is like white flour and so soft. The ocean was warm, turquoise and beautiful!
Here is the gator beach at Fudpucker's in Destin. A fun restaurant, not the best food of the trip but fun environment. You could pay to feed the gators little squares of meat on sticks. I think they get fed so much they weren't really biting anything.

After lunch, headed back to the heat outside. Looking at these pictures again, reminds me of how nice it was to have Cory and Kim time. We've had a few bumps in the road so far in year 8, so it was nice just spend time focusing on each other and having a good time. ♥

Friday was Diane's birthday, we all got dressed up and headed into a nice seafood place right off the Gulf. Don't you love my dress?? A snazzy little find I made at Dillards. We had a great dinner and I had filet mignon and shrimp...Yummy!!

Saturday, we headed out to the beach to enjoy some 90+ weather, the ocean was so warm and you could walk out for miles. I LOVE the ocean. When I need to go to a happy place, this is where I go. Warm sun, smell of the salty ocean, sand on my toes. This could totally be my heaven.

What could be another piece of heaven is Cory loving on me on the beach! We were posing for pictures, and a young couple behind us was being dramatic, with the guy picking up this cute skinny blonde in a bikini. So all of a sudden, Cory dipped me and laid a big dramatic juicy kiss right on me! Oh yeah, we still got it!

I would never get tired of this view. It was so beautiful and we had such a great time. Visiting with Cory's grandparents, spending shopping time with Diane and Shanna, enjoying Cory without yelling at kids. I'm so glad we went. I was very happy to come home though. I think Casey grew four inches while we were gone. When we got home I couldn't stop starring at him! Jayden was excited to see Daddy and spent about 3 hours talking 100 mph about his adventures while we were gone. 

It's good to be home and back in the day to day life. I'm typing this while Casey is snuggled into my arm watching Spongebob. Oh, I ♥ him!

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Shauna said...

Man I wish I was there! Looks like you had so much fun. You two deserve it!

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