Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy Moments

In a world filled with fights, boogers, yelling, no privacy, potty training - butt wiping, cleaning, laundry, bathing, cleaning, dog poop scooping, teeth brushing, fart smelling,'mom look at my poop!, more yelling, picking up messes, folding more clothes, cooking dinner, doing dishes, scheduling nanny, school, sports, work, work, work...
There are moments...tiny, little itsy bitsy moments where the heavens open, angels sing praise and I finally realize there ARE reasons that God gave me these two little creatures boys to call me Mom. 

Like when Jayden is doing his best to break his latest record on XBOX and I just can't leave his face alone. I want to smell it, kiss it, whisper in his ear and love him NON STOP. 

Or, when I'm drinking my morning coffee and Casey can't sit in his own chair. He has to climb into my lap and play count the eggs on Sesame Street game. I get to kiss those squishy cheeks and snuggle him in my lap and just live in his absolute, all mine sweetness. 

Now, let the madness continue while we wait for the next itsy bitsy moments to get them to their next birthdays.


Grand Pooba said...

How sweet!

Now you can take those pics and put them in a digital scrapbook ya know....meaning come over and enter my contest! I'm giving away scrapbooking software!

Shauna said...

Love this! You're a great mom.

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