Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Chicago was beautiful! We had such a great time, although it was freezing cold and of course in the 80's at home. When we landed, I was surprised at how small the terminals were in O'Hare. For some reason I thought they would be a lot bigger than SLC.

We headed into the city on a shuttle, which is really a van with extra seats jammed in and a cage in the back with luggage. Complete with Evil Kenevil in the driver seat.

Laurie and I had the privilege of being jammed into the very back of a FULL shuttle. I'm not usually a claustrophobic person but that seemed to do the trick. Instead of focusing on a imminent death, I chose to focus on the traffic and the endless supply of skyscrapers. 

We stayed at a beautiful hotel, right on the shore of Lake Michigan, which by the way looks more like an ocean than lake.  

I really only had Monday to play since we flew in on Sunday afternoon and headed out Tuesday afternoon. I made the most of my day! I slept in, had room service coffee and bagel, even watched the Today show! I know that sounds not very exciting, but I used to love watching that show when I stayed home. Now, I'm usually busy getting ready to run out the door. 

I put on my nice jeans, blazer and a pair of nude heels and headed to the concierge. My friend Melissa told me that the best shopping was on the Magnificent Mile, I thought I could catch a cab being as I was so stylish in my heels. When I asked the woman at the desk, 'What is the quickest way to the magnificent mile?' She gave me the most curious look and said 'Well, you could WALK, it's jyst around the corner.' Oh! Right, I'll get right on that Ü 

She was right, it was just around the corner. The LONG two blocks then across a bridge over the Chicago River. 

The city was so beautiful and clean! I was amazed at all the buildings and architecture everywhere. They had boat tours to take you through the city. I didn't take one, I headed to the Mile. 

Mile after Magnificent Mile!! Stores, shops, boutiques...it was AMAZING.  I headed to the shoppes at North Point. I really didn't know I was ON the mile.

I kept thinking there would be signs or something to tell me where exactly I was. I walked into this three story shopping mall and was stopped by a man with a horrible french accent at a skin moisturizer kiosk. You know, the ones I normally fly past. But today, I didn't have a plan or schedule so I thought, what the hell?? He rubbed lotion on my hand and kept asking me the funniest questions in his horrible accent. He said, what is your name my sweet?

I said Kim. For the rest of the time, he called me Kimmie! Kimmie! Which, apparently is how they pronounce Kim in France. He asked me, Kimmie..do you use eye cream? I of course said, No. I felt like saying, eye cream! I'm 31 years old and still focusing on my damn acne let alone eye cream! When he heard my response he claimed, 'Bull-Sheet!' again in his accent. I was trying extremely hard not to laugh.

We spent the next 10 minutes going over creams, and I watched as he put a 'botox in a bottle' liquid on my face. My right side of my face began to transform, I literally watched the wrinkles disappear from my cheek. I was amazed! Slightly concerned, as it did look like my face was having a stroke.

How much for this amazing botox in a bottle...$650!! I said 'I cannot afford $650! But thanks for the sample!' My french friend offered me a one time price of $200. Yep, still can't afford it. So I headed on my way. I loved all the different shops, and had a great time exploring the city. I found some way cute deals.

Half way through the day, my feet started to kill. I thought, I could sit down and give them a rest but then I was terrified if I took my shoes off I wouldn't get them back on to go back to the hotel. So, I headed back.

The pain was increasing and by the time I made it back to the bridge I was thinking to myself, what the hell were you doing?! Wearing heels to walk and shop in! Freakin idiot! I just knew my feet were bleeding. If feet could talk, this is what they were yelling at me with every step. 'You stupid girl! You are NOT a professional! You can't pull off these heels in Chicago!! Go home and put on your baby tennis shoes, freakin SISSY! We're bleeding...we're bleeding!'I finally got back to our room and this is just one of the blisters I found....

Appetizing picture? Your Welcome!

I soaked my feet and put on my trusty flip flops and headed back out to adventure more of the city. Here are some of the sights.
                       (the above picture is me getting a much earned pedicure Tuesday before we flew out!)

This is getting ready to cross the river, that big row of buildings all the way down is Magnificent Mile. Incredible!

Tribune right across from NBC studios
Chicago River

 I actually don't know the people under Marilyn's dress, but there was never a time when there weren't strangers getting a picture. I was alone so I didn't dare give my camera to someone, so here is your picture of Marilyn and some random tourists.  

 I believe the tallest one in the background is the Sears Tower. I took this from my cell in the amazing shuttle ride from the airport.

We had a fun, quick trip and had many laughs along the way. It was good to spend time with Laurie. Even though she was in conferences most the day, we had fun dinners and walked through Navy Pier. I even made Laurie go in one of those photo booths, which she hated and it made me laugh. I of course think she's beautiful but naturally, she doesn't see what everyone else does.

 I would love to take Cory back there, it is a very romantic city with a lot of fun places to eat and tours to take. A great time, filled with shopping, laughs, beautiful sights and some much needed giggle fests with my sister, Love you Laurie ♥


Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I should have warned you about wearing comfortable shoes while shopping...you are too funny wearing heals. I often wonder why people wear heels while shopping because it would be so uncomfortable! But it does look pretty stylish! You will have to go back with Corey, there really is so much to do! Glad you got to experience Chicago even for a short visit!

Grand Pooba said...

Ok the shopping sounds exhausting!! You are crazy to shop in heals....so wait did you walk around the rest of the day with one side of your face an inch above the rest or what? ll

Rob'n'Mon said...

What a blast! I'm sure it felt good to have some time to yourself. :)

Shauna said...

Glad you had a good time. What a nice little trip!I just wonder how the pedicure went the next day with blisters all over!

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