Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Cakes

Can you just not get enough of this face? Oh my lord, he rules my world and my heart. He is such a fun kid, he's quickly working his way into our house as the melodramatic comedian. He sings along to songs and often makes up his own words. Take Adele for instance, the chorus 'Find Someone Like You' he sings out loud 'I wanna hate you!!!'

Here are a few other Casey-isms

  • He used to refer to Jayden as Ne-Nee and now he calls 'Dayden! Dayden!' throughout the house. 
  • When he does something naughty, he tilts his head to one side and says 'Sowee!'
  • He adds poopy-butt to all of his hello, good-byes and I wuv yous then laughs hysterically
  • With the help of our lovely nanny, he stopped calling his blankie 'wienie' and now calls it 'woobie'
  • He loves to cuddle while he watches Sponge Bob and sings the theme song. 
  • Like his aunt Lisa used to do, he tickles the end of his nose with his blankie at bedtime and sometimes mindlessly throughout the day. 
  • He does this cute look where he turns his head and looks the other direction like he is rolling his eyes when he potties. 
  • While he is sitting on the toilet he whispers 'here it comes...can you hear my pee Mom?'
  • Being quite bossy, he'll say 'I WANT orange juice I saiddddd'!
  • He'll tell me uh-huh over and over and I'll say Casey, stop telling mommy No! He replies..I'm NOT saying no Mommy, I saying 'Uh-Huh!'
  • He'll tell me 'I no want you go to work. I want you here wif me!' or he'll cry 'I want you!!' 
  • When he's in trouble he'll put his face in his hands and pout all the way to his room then slam the door shut
  • Any swear word Jayden says, Casey will whisper it. My little 2 1/2 year old has had soap in his mouth, lip flipped and many a time outs for his mouth. 
  • Don't worry, Jayden's not far behind. Just the other day he shoved a kid down the slide at McDonald's while yelling, 'C'mon Fatty!'
One thing is for sure, no matter how mad, frustrated beyond belief and worn out these two boys make me ~ I've never known love like I do for my kids. I love to snuggle their skinny little bodies close to mine, kiss their sweet faces, tickle their soft backs, toes and bellies. I love when they snuggle right into my neck, all the hugs, I love you's and every night book time. 

Life is GoOd.

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