Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My 14 year old SON

Ok, so maybe he really isn't MY son...but it feels that way. With all of my sisters' kids. 
Isn't that my right as their Aunt?? 
Laurie has twin boys, Cole and Ethan. I know I've talked about them before, but really I do love these little GIANTS. 
This last week, Ethan embarked on a trip to Spain with a group of 30 kids from his Charter School. He's been working so hard this past year to earn money to go. Along with his Mom, myself, Grandma Jo and Aunt Laurie he's earned/raised/was donated enough to go! Laurie and James were on a trip while he was set to go, so Laurie will have gone 3 weeks without seeing him!
We had a Bon Voyage party for him the night before with his choice of Chinese cuisine. I got him a very cute card (yes, I do say so myself) and a book about myth busters to read on the plane. He seemed a bit nervous, but was doing really well putting up with my hugs, kisses, cuddles, more hugs and maybe a few tears. It went something like 'Yeah, Aunt Kimmie..I'll miss you too.' with the Eeyore tone. 

 Here is Grandpa Gary (Pa Harley) with the two littles Casey & Ali
 Did I mention kisses???

 Here is an argument between Grandpa and Cole on who really is the tallest of the two. I'm thinking that 6'3'' for a 14 year old is pretty tall. 
 Then we moved on with who has bigger arm muscles and entertained the group with arm wrestling with Grandpa
Ah...here are my 14 year old twins. I love watching them grow up, I can't believe it feels like just yesterday going to LDS hospital to see them after Laurie came out of the delivery room. There was James with his face all flushed red with the slightly panicked look with arms full of baby boys. They make me laugh, cry and yell. I'm so glad Laurie had kids first, naturally she can master the art of raising boys, write the book then give it to me!

Regardless whose kids they are, love is never absent for them. My cup runneth over as I watch these two grow into young men. I'm so glad I get to be a part of their lives, and I'm so thankful our small family lives so close to one another to be just a phone call or a short drive away. I love that Cole babysits every weekend, that Jayden loves his cousins and are such close friends. 

I'm so proud of you Ethan Gary. You are so smart and dedicated in all that you do. I can't wait to watch you continue to grow and start a family of your own. I also can't wait to give my personal seal of approval on your wife, name at least two of your children and be the honorary Grandmother. 

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