Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuck in the X-BOX

For Christmas we bought Jayden a XBOX 360 Kinnect. His cousins all had one and he loves, and I mean LOVES playing Black Ops Zombies.

Insert all the judgement you are currently thinking here

I had NO idea just how addicting this game would be, I mean we're talking about a child who for his 6 years of life was doing good to sit for one activity for maximum of 20 minutes. He is just always moving, doing something, getting into trouble, coaxing others into trouble...are you catching my drift?

Well, to give you an idea of just how his and our world has been turned upside down let me spell it out for you. Whenever he is awake, he wants to play XBOX. He will spend HOURS...yes H-O-U-R-S on the thing. He has LIVE so he can talk to his cousins or he'll play on his own. The only time he stops is when we force ask him too.

We do make him do chores, and homework during the week to earn the right to play. I know it's a horrible game to let a 6 year old play these kinds of games. It is rated 'M', yes, remember the judgment from before?

Go ahead and insert some more here. 

Cory and I go over all the pros and cons frequently, like he LOVES it and I'm so glad to be able to buy our kids the things that they like to do. It does teach hand/eye coordination..right? Too much? Ok, well it was worth a shot. There are a lot of con's like violence, language, language, We don't want him to turn into a noodle that just plays videos games all day.

The other thing is figuring out the damn thing, like when he asks

'Mom, Cole invited me to a party, can you join it for me?' 'Mom, I can't hear Cole talking' 'Mom, can you load Zombies?'

When they do get connected, it's all I can do not to throw the damn controller through the TV when him and whichever cousin, spend 30 minutes yelling back and forth

'Heddo??' (Jayden still has his somewhat southern accent when he talks)
'Dude, can you HEAR me???'

AGGHHHH! Just play the game already and STOP yelling HEDDO!

One time, I didn't realize he signed onto a public game forum. Because we have Kinnect, the speakers and microphone are though the TV and not a headset. Well I was yelling politely asking Casey to put a toy down and some man said through the speakers 'Hey, Dude. Tell your Mom to leave you be.'

What the Hell???

I did forget one..eency, teency PRO. It keeps him entertained and out of TROUBLE for hours on end. Seriously, he is glued to the couch which means he isn't

  • Breaking my things
  • Making a mess
  • Torturing the dogs
  • Breaking my things
  • Fighting with his brother
  • Making a mess
For now, we stay focused on the fact that he does do homework during the week and karate with his Dad one night a week. I'm sure when summer comes, he'll want to venture more outside. (won't he?) For the time being, we feel OK about the hours he's on it. 

Alright, remember all your judgments? Go ahead and leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts!


Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

Fun stuff! I know plenty of kids his age that play X Box. I think it all just depends on how much time he is playing it. I myself don't have to worry about that yet, so I haven't thought too much about it. But I could see your dilemma because he is kinda like a tornado so it would be nice for the time he is on it and you don't have to worry about what he is doing. I think it all depends on what you and Cory feel good with and go with that :) Nobody else is raising your kids, so you guys get to decide, parenthood is great isn't it?

Kallie said...

Wow, I was struggling with this same thing a couple of weeks ago. However, Daxton was saying some violent stuff after playing those games for too long. So we decided he can only play it with Bryce. But, he does play many other games on the X-box. I agree, it keeps him out of trouble during the winter months. So I am okay with letting him play it too. In fact, it is great leverage to get him to do things too. I think you and Cory can decide what works best for your family. No judgement here! Maybe they can hook up sometime, I will have to get his user name (or whatever they call it)...

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