Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jayden turns 6!!

Jayden has hit that magical age in life when you stop wanting to spend every birthday with family and you start having a social life known as Kindergarten and a thing called 'friends'. So, we decided to indulge in his first 'friend birthday' and take several of his friends and cousins to Fat Cat's in Ogden. 

Next time I have thought, I'll be sure to phone one of my friends so they can shake me back into reality! 

We did survive the evening and it served it's purpose in making sure Jayden felt special on his big day and have plenty of loved ones and friends to celebrate. I do have to thank my Mother, Mother in-law, Sisters and Hubster for helping me make sure everyone arrived ALIVE. 

What a night!

 Jason, Lisa and Laurie cheering on the bowlers

 Dax, who is great at every sport and didn't disappoint on bowling. Did you know you can throw the ball from the very end of the lane where the wood meets the tile and still get all the pins??! Well DAX can!

 Preslie trying out the ramp

 Best friends Skylee and Preslie, they are our neighbors and Preslie is in Jayden's class

 Dalton showing off his faux hawk

 Opening up MANY presents!

 Blowing out the birthday cake! We asked one of Cory's high school friends to help us make a extraordinary  Gator cake! She didn't disappoint! Complete w/red velvet filling it was the star of the show!
Visit her  here Sugar Shoppe 

 C'mon, who wouldn't think this is appetizing!?!
 Everyone got a balloon hat or sword

 Bumper cars were the other highlight of the night!

 Grandma Diane and Casey!

 Friends from school (Ryker, Preslie, Skylee, Jayden, Madden and Dax)

We had an eventful week of Birthday! After the party, Jayden and I made his 'All about me' Poster for school. Then Cory and I went to his class and talked about his poster and the fun things we do together. After that, we took Jayden to lunch at the 'Pickle Place' Chili's complete with a rack of ribs, cinnamon apples and the birthday song!

Jayden my love, you are one very special young man. You amaze me everyday and never cease to teach me something new. I love the joy, excitement and sparkle in your beautiful eyes and I can't wait to watch you grow up into a wonderful man...just like the one smiling with pride at you in this picture. 

Happy 6th!

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Kallie said...

Fun, fun! Love the pictures. Did Daxton tell you that he wrestled Preslie at his first meet?

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