Friday, December 9, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

With Christmas time coming, I always remember my favorite things growing up during the Holidays. Jayden asked me if I decorated my tree when I was his age, and I thought to myself it was actually my favorite thing to do.

When I was in Junior High and High School, my sisters were grown and moved out and it was just me and my parents. My Mom and I would get out the tree and I'd help with the lights and decorations, we'd laugh or just chit chat. Some of my favorite Christmas memories were with my Mother.

My Aunt Laurie would come in from California every year and we'd all go to Rainbow Gardens for lunch and Shopping. I think that store has the funnest and oddest gifts I've ever seen. Between my Mom and Aunt, we usually end up snorting with laughter before we were done.

Taking a ride to see the Ogden lights, then up on the hill to see the house lights. Going to my Uncles on Christmas Eve with all of our family. We'd sit around the living room and talk about my Mom's favorite Christmas memories of her mother and growing up in Idaho. Then we'd act out the nativity scene and laugh with towels and sheets on. On the way home, I'd watch the sky and try to see Santa.

Christmas Eve P.J.'s

Christmas morning, we'd always have a great Santa pile that wasn't wrapped and the favorite thing each year was the stocking. My mom would find the best presents, make up, pens, candy, note pads, jewelry and any kind of fun nick knacks you could think of. Of all the Christmas gifts I've ever gotten, the stockings always stood out in my mind.

We got to stay home most the day to enjoy our presents and have a big Christmas breakfast, then when I was younger, I somewhat remember Christmas dinners with my Grandma Katie, sitting at her formal dining room on fancy chairs and eating on fancy plates.

Christmas was always a fun time and I love spending time with my family and starting traditions with our boys. Santa always delivers a full stocking, big Santa pile and Christmas Eve pajama's :)

 I hope you, whomever you are, enjoy the holidays and get to spend time with loved ones.

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