Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

We've survived another Christmas! I can't believe this mark's number 7 for Cory and I! They just keep getting better and better ♥
We were busy with friend parties, birthday parties, work parties and more. The kids seem happy with all they got and we had fun times together. I even snuck in a few extra days off work after nice to have Christmas decor put away, clean house and even time to BLOG about it all!

 We made it down to Christmas Village in O-Town. Only a tad FREEZIN!

 My funny face baby at Jayden's birthday dinner
 We ran out of time for Santa's cookies...blueberry muffins work ok right?!
 The 'Santa Pile' I take on my family tradition of just a few wrapped gifts from Mom and Dad, the rest is laid out in galore from Santa. Every year I feel like I don't have much until Santa lays it out Christmas Eve!

 Mom and Dad won best gift award ~ XBOX Kinect 360!
 Santa delivered his promise of a NERF Gun with sniper sights
 Oh Casey Babe and his Rockin Mickey Mouse!

 And the XBOX epidemic has arrived at the Green House!

 Mama & Papa came over to sneek a peek at the Fun

 Daddy putting together toys with Miss Maizey keeping a close eye!
 This year I put together a stocking for my Mom. This was always my favorite thing at Christmas and I had just as much fun putting together one for her! ♥
 Christmas night at Grandma Jo's for dinner and presents with the Kellerstrass Clan

Everyone gathered in the kitchen to snack while Grandma Jo bakes away! 

It's hard to get together with everyone during the Holiday Season, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Holidays and get to spend time together with loved ones. Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends..whomever you may be!

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Kallie said...

Looks like your boys got super spoiled from Santa. Must have been pretty good kids! The XBOX epidemic has arrived at our house too...

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