Monday, December 5, 2011

Casey's Count Down

Casey is growing up before my eyes. One minute he is snuggling in his blankie and the next he is running circles around his brother. He is talking so much and working on sentences, so much faster than I remember Jayden talking. Jayden was so coordinated with his motions and slower on the speech. Casey, with the help of an older brother talking his ear off has quickly caught on to talking. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 'MOM! Doin??' He asks me this when I'm driving, cooking, cleaning, folding clothes, watching TV and he is watching me do everything!
  • 'Me luff my blankie' Well, he really still calls his blankie his 'wienie' but I thought you might judge me if I wrote that! We're working on actually calling it a blankie, or even woobie!
  • 'Ne-Nee did it' Ne-nee is what he calls Jayden and they are usually fighting till tears or loving and laughing..and both are EXTREME!
  • 'Reeeelllllleeeeee??' Picture Randy Jackson on American Idol saying it. His Aunt Lisa says it and she loves it when he Casey says it. :) 
  • 'Rock a minute' When it's time for bed and we've read our book he whispers that when he wants me to rock him longer
The other night, I was laying on the couch and Casey walked up and put his head on my chest. I asked him to count for Mommy. We've been working on counting but he wasn't close to getting it right, well he sure proved me wrong! He belted out 1-5 without any hesitation! I was so excited, and Cory was starring at me like 'Did you just hear that??'

Yes, Babe. I heard. 

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Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

He is growing up way too quickly! I love hearing how he talks. It's my favorite thing when little kids talk, I could just sit and listen to them for hours. They are just too funny!

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