Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

We've survived another Christmas! I can't believe this mark's number 7 for Cory and I! They just keep getting better and better ♥
We were busy with friend parties, birthday parties, work parties and more. The kids seem happy with all they got and we had fun times together. I even snuck in a few extra days off work after nice to have Christmas decor put away, clean house and even time to BLOG about it all!

 We made it down to Christmas Village in O-Town. Only a tad FREEZIN!

 My funny face baby at Jayden's birthday dinner
 We ran out of time for Santa's cookies...blueberry muffins work ok right?!
 The 'Santa Pile' I take on my family tradition of just a few wrapped gifts from Mom and Dad, the rest is laid out in galore from Santa. Every year I feel like I don't have much until Santa lays it out Christmas Eve!

 Mom and Dad won best gift award ~ XBOX Kinect 360!
 Santa delivered his promise of a NERF Gun with sniper sights
 Oh Casey Babe and his Rockin Mickey Mouse!

 And the XBOX epidemic has arrived at the Green House!

 Mama & Papa came over to sneek a peek at the Fun

 Daddy putting together toys with Miss Maizey keeping a close eye!
 This year I put together a stocking for my Mom. This was always my favorite thing at Christmas and I had just as much fun putting together one for her! ♥
 Christmas night at Grandma Jo's for dinner and presents with the Kellerstrass Clan

Everyone gathered in the kitchen to snack while Grandma Jo bakes away! 

It's hard to get together with everyone during the Holiday Season, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Holidays and get to spend time together with loved ones. Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends..whomever you may be!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jayden turns 6!!

Jayden has hit that magical age in life when you stop wanting to spend every birthday with family and you start having a social life known as Kindergarten and a thing called 'friends'. So, we decided to indulge in his first 'friend birthday' and take several of his friends and cousins to Fat Cat's in Ogden. 

Next time I have thought, I'll be sure to phone one of my friends so they can shake me back into reality! 

We did survive the evening and it served it's purpose in making sure Jayden felt special on his big day and have plenty of loved ones and friends to celebrate. I do have to thank my Mother, Mother in-law, Sisters and Hubster for helping me make sure everyone arrived ALIVE. 

What a night!

 Jason, Lisa and Laurie cheering on the bowlers

 Dax, who is great at every sport and didn't disappoint on bowling. Did you know you can throw the ball from the very end of the lane where the wood meets the tile and still get all the pins??! Well DAX can!

 Preslie trying out the ramp

 Best friends Skylee and Preslie, they are our neighbors and Preslie is in Jayden's class

 Dalton showing off his faux hawk

 Opening up MANY presents!

 Blowing out the birthday cake! We asked one of Cory's high school friends to help us make a extraordinary  Gator cake! She didn't disappoint! Complete w/red velvet filling it was the star of the show!
Visit her  here Sugar Shoppe 

 C'mon, who wouldn't think this is appetizing!?!
 Everyone got a balloon hat or sword

 Bumper cars were the other highlight of the night!

 Grandma Diane and Casey!

 Friends from school (Ryker, Preslie, Skylee, Jayden, Madden and Dax)

We had an eventful week of Birthday! After the party, Jayden and I made his 'All about me' Poster for school. Then Cory and I went to his class and talked about his poster and the fun things we do together. After that, we took Jayden to lunch at the 'Pickle Place' Chili's complete with a rack of ribs, cinnamon apples and the birthday song!

Jayden my love, you are one very special young man. You amaze me everyday and never cease to teach me something new. I love the joy, excitement and sparkle in your beautiful eyes and I can't wait to watch you grow up into a wonderful man...just like the one smiling with pride at you in this picture. 

Happy 6th!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas 2011

Once again, my sweet, cute, adorable, sexy, man of my dreams gave me the twelve days of Christmas. I love getting gifts, but I also love his creativity and time he takes to make each day special. There is no doubt in my mind, I'm one LuCkY girl!

He did tell me on day one that this years theme was related to SEX..apparently he's been feeling a little deprived. So ladies, settle in and break out the's time to reveal this years 12 days.

PRE-WARNING..they are a little SPICEY this year Ü

 On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me one naughty outfit, pretty sure it's more for HIM than ME. 

Ok, I'm not real big into lingerie, but this was pretty fun to see something HE picked out and thought was SEXY. Fact #2...this outfit was DIFFICULT to put on. I mean, all kinds of straps and fasteners. I finally shut the bathroom door and told him he couldn't see until I figured the damn thing out...I mean, we obviously know the real thing is NOT near as sexy as the picture on the box let alone watching me fumble naked trying to get it on. The strangest thing though...totally easy to get it OFF...Ü

 On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, two stretchy head bands to wear before bed and getting ready. 
I love my head bands...I love how much time he puts into everything. He notices the little things, like I really love a certain kind of headband.

 On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, three pieces of 'bling' that one day will be Diamonds GUARANTEED! 

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, four bottles of warming lotion for him to RUB all over me. 
Anytime Cory wants to RUB me..I'm fine with that. Umkay..Okay!

 On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, five tubs of HOT LOVE, which are gels for pleasing me! 
I had to turn two of the tubes around. The names were a bit too much for my BLOG. With that said, stop whatever you're doing...and go get these from Spencer's..drop your drawers and have SEX with your significant other RIGHT NOW. If you don't have a significant other, the first attractive person you see will do. Ü

 On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me six VS lip glosses, to only use when I want no KISSY. 

True love I say, is when you buy your wife something she loves even when you hate when she uses it!

 On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 7 SEXY parts covered, parts that only HE gets to see. 

 On the eighth of Christmas, my true love gave to me, eight sex tickets, that again are more for HIM than ME! 
 On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, nine holes in a spatula that he will use to make breakfast for me! 
Corys pancakes = DELICIOUS! 
 On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 10 ounces of pouring, out of the gravy boat so no more borrowing! 
This is one piece of dinnerware I've been wanting. When we have family over and I make a roast or anything with gravy, I'm always having to borrow his mom's gravy boat!

 On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 11 treats for me to eat while we are watching movies!

Drum roll please..................On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, an IPad 2 that I've been wanting sooooooooooooooooooooo badly!!!

I was so excited!! The funny part to this story is the Friday before Christmas I went to Rainbow Gardens with my Mom, Aunt and Sister. We love to eat lunch and walk around the store to see what stocking stuffer or last minute gift we can find. I passed this IPAD cover and was totally in love. I had a slight idea that Cory just MIGHT get me an I bought the cover. I was totally thinking if he didn't buy it for Christmas, then one day I would have one. I've never seen a cover like this so I thought better be safe than sorry right!!

When I opened my IPAD on Christmas Eve, I was so excited! I had to tell Cory about my purchase and he just shook his head and said 'You're the only woman I know that KNOWS how spoiled she is, expects it and accessorizes it BEFORE she even has the damn thing!'

Well...can't blame me for being well prepared can you?!

I hope you enjoyed my twelve days! This year was great just like the other two. I'm thinking next year, maybe it's Cory's turn to be spoiled and surprised everyday....Well...he's not too picked on. Just look at what he came home with the day after Christmas......

Can you see my face?? I mean, who the hell comes home with things like this??? Oh, that's right MY man! I love you Cory, thank you for all you do for me and always caring about the SMILE on my face. I'm glad you got to finally bring this UGLY..I mean..UNIQUE bus home Ü

Friday, December 9, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

With Christmas time coming, I always remember my favorite things growing up during the Holidays. Jayden asked me if I decorated my tree when I was his age, and I thought to myself it was actually my favorite thing to do.

When I was in Junior High and High School, my sisters were grown and moved out and it was just me and my parents. My Mom and I would get out the tree and I'd help with the lights and decorations, we'd laugh or just chit chat. Some of my favorite Christmas memories were with my Mother.

My Aunt Laurie would come in from California every year and we'd all go to Rainbow Gardens for lunch and Shopping. I think that store has the funnest and oddest gifts I've ever seen. Between my Mom and Aunt, we usually end up snorting with laughter before we were done.

Taking a ride to see the Ogden lights, then up on the hill to see the house lights. Going to my Uncles on Christmas Eve with all of our family. We'd sit around the living room and talk about my Mom's favorite Christmas memories of her mother and growing up in Idaho. Then we'd act out the nativity scene and laugh with towels and sheets on. On the way home, I'd watch the sky and try to see Santa.

Christmas Eve P.J.'s

Christmas morning, we'd always have a great Santa pile that wasn't wrapped and the favorite thing each year was the stocking. My mom would find the best presents, make up, pens, candy, note pads, jewelry and any kind of fun nick knacks you could think of. Of all the Christmas gifts I've ever gotten, the stockings always stood out in my mind.

We got to stay home most the day to enjoy our presents and have a big Christmas breakfast, then when I was younger, I somewhat remember Christmas dinners with my Grandma Katie, sitting at her formal dining room on fancy chairs and eating on fancy plates.

Christmas was always a fun time and I love spending time with my family and starting traditions with our boys. Santa always delivers a full stocking, big Santa pile and Christmas Eve pajama's :)

 I hope you, whomever you are, enjoy the holidays and get to spend time with loved ones.

Cast Away Kay - The lost post

I'm not sure why this didn't get posted, it was set for November 19th...hmmm. Well, can't leave Day six from our cruise here you go!

Day Six ~ Cast Away Kay

Disney has their own island, to which they've morphed into a kids dream land. The island has family beaches, roped off sections so marine life can't get in, snorkeling, shopping, water slides in the ocean, life guards and of course..non stop characters including Mickey & Minnie!

We docked from 9 am - 5 pm and only one ship docks at a time. Once you see how many people were on the ship you'll understand why this is important. We had a blast sunning, playing in the sand and ocean. We took turns snorkeling, there wasn't much to see because it's roped off, but they had Mickey's treasure hidden in the bottom and some neat fish. You could also go on a kayak ride, bike rides around the island and an all teens area for the kids to be entertained all day. They had swimming with sting rays too, those were all extra excursions. 

The food is all included with what you would've gotten on the cruise so it's all you can eat and all free! 

Here is one of the play areas with slides that go straight into the ocean. Jayden is the little one on the right with the yellow life jacket. It was right about there he turned around and decided it was too deep for his liking. 

This is the family beach, no one lives on this island, these are all people just from our ship...yikes!

On the left is the snorkeling area and the right is where you could swim. Jayden is right on the rope and this is where him and Harrison started yelling SHARK! Needless to say, when people starting exciting the water, the Disney patrol came over and asked them to play their shark came in a whisper as not to scare the other visitors!

Jayden attempts snorkeling!

The view walking back to the ship

From our balcony

This is the view from our balcony looking back onto the island. The dark line across the water is where it is fenced off from the outside ocean and you can see the family beaches. 

It was a great day, the boys had fun in the water as usual and dancing Cha Cha Slide with Minnie and Mickey. The vacation was long and so much fun! I can't believe how lucky I am to be blessed with such generous family to give us this opportunity. Like any family vacation, there were a lot of frustrating times with the boys. Being tired and out of the normal schedule can be hard, but well worth it. Cory's still adamant he didn't have a great time and still isn't a vacation type man ~ secretly I think a part of him enjoyed watching the kids explore and see everything. 

It's great to be home and back in routine. After a million loads of laundry and packing/unpacking again, we're all settled back in the COLD weather and home. I hope you enjoyed all the details of the trip, here's to the holidays just around the corner!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Casey's Count Down

Casey is growing up before my eyes. One minute he is snuggling in his blankie and the next he is running circles around his brother. He is talking so much and working on sentences, so much faster than I remember Jayden talking. Jayden was so coordinated with his motions and slower on the speech. Casey, with the help of an older brother talking his ear off has quickly caught on to talking. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 'MOM! Doin??' He asks me this when I'm driving, cooking, cleaning, folding clothes, watching TV and he is watching me do everything!
  • 'Me luff my blankie' Well, he really still calls his blankie his 'wienie' but I thought you might judge me if I wrote that! We're working on actually calling it a blankie, or even woobie!
  • 'Ne-Nee did it' Ne-nee is what he calls Jayden and they are usually fighting till tears or loving and laughing..and both are EXTREME!
  • 'Reeeelllllleeeeee??' Picture Randy Jackson on American Idol saying it. His Aunt Lisa says it and she loves it when he Casey says it. :) 
  • 'Rock a minute' When it's time for bed and we've read our book he whispers that when he wants me to rock him longer
The other night, I was laying on the couch and Casey walked up and put his head on my chest. I asked him to count for Mommy. We've been working on counting but he wasn't close to getting it right, well he sure proved me wrong! He belted out 1-5 without any hesitation! I was so excited, and Cory was starring at me like 'Did you just hear that??'

Yes, Babe. I heard. 
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