Monday, November 14, 2011

Sea World

 Day Two~ Sea World

Boarding the shuttle promptly at 9am, which really means we were down stairs by 8:50 and passed the time watching Casey go in and out of the revolving doors and calling every old person he saw Grandpa. After the bus ride, we headed into SeaWorld. Cory and I have been there together when we first started dating, and we were excited to share that with the boys. It was an obvious choice when tickets to Universal Studios were $189 a/piece and Sea World was $81 and kids got in free. We wanted to save our big expense for Atlantis.

Feeding the sting rays would be at the top of my list, they felt like little suction cups on my arm. You held little brine shrimp between your fingers and held your hand at the bottom of the pool. Before you knew it, they were swarming! The twins would not hold the shrimp telling me I was crazy for doing that…I thought they were neat to touch and how often to you get to do that?

We saw the dolphins, and all types of aquariums. Sea World is a bit different than I remember from way back ~ now they have roller coasters! One of our first stops was a coaster that you sit in and your feet hang down below then it pulls the row up so you are facing down and the track is behind your head and back. It has been so long since I have been on a coaster, I screamed and screamed until we went through a corkscrew and I’m not sure what happened to my scream but it was gone! It took my breath away and was so much fun! The twins were a blast to hang out with, like the little brothers I never had.

The boys loved Shamu, Jayden sat up front until Shamu soaked the first rows with about 3 tons of salt water..then he came running up the stairs screaming and flung himself into my lap and then we both had the pleasure of being soaked. Casey loved all the turtles and fishies, they even had a kiddie play land with rides similar to the toddler area at Lagoon. His favorite item of the day was a little shamu stuffed animal courtesy of Aunt Laurie, to which he affectionately calls ‘My shaa-moo’ We all have to kiss shaa-moo goodnight, hug shaa-moo and be quiet to not upset shaa-moo. Ü

We ended the day at the shuttle at 5 pm and boy did it feel like midnight. After resting at the hotel for a bit the four of us headed to Golden Corral and took the twins. Nowhere else can the boys get as much food as their little heart’s desire for such a good price. Jayden also seemed to like it and it sealed the deal with the chocolate fountain like the one at home in Ogden.

This is a sample of what the twins plates looked like....and don't worry they had 3 a piece. Then dessert!

Cole had a waitress call him Babe, Uncle Cory and Ethan had a great time teasing him about it. Casey had his own love affair with a chocolate covered cupcake that ended in a nasty chocolate mess all over Casey, Mommy and Daddy.

I should also mention Jayden was kicked out of the dessert area for sticking his entire hand in the fountain. Yes – those are my kids.

Anyone else notice that my 14 yr old twin nephews are just a wee bit taller than their 5'8 mother??? I just noticed Brynne didn't make it in this picture...she must've been in a trance starring at all the FiSh!

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