Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pool Day

Day Three – Pool Day

We had a quiet day at the pool, it was not as warm as we would have liked but much better than snow at home. Playing with Dad in the pool, taking a nap with Daddy and I had time to sit in the window and enjoy the warmth of the sun while reading The Help occupied our Saturday afternoon.

That evening we headed to Joe’s Crab Shack for some dinner. To get there we had to ride the ‘I-Ride’ which is a trolley that goes around town. The front desk told me where to catch the ride along with the bus stop number to get to Joe’s. Cory, the boys and I headed out to get some Green family time. We waited for the shuttle to come and when it did, I handed the bus driver a $10. 

He asked ‘What’s that?’

‘Uh, it’s to pay our way.’ I reply as I'm thinking, have you never seen a $10 bill before?  Freakin jackwagon!

As he is pointing to the sign on the machine ‘exact change only.’ 

It is only $2.25 he tells me, which is all great and fun… but all I had was a $10, so I said,

‘Oh no! The hotel didn’t tell me that, all I have is a $10.’

Then we proceeded to have a stare down, the grumpy bus driver looking at me like ‘Listen lady, if you want on this bus ~ you need to give me $2.25’ and I’m thinking ‘Are you freaking kidding me? I’ve been standing here with my two kids for 20 minutes, they are hungry and grumpy and my husband who didn’t want to come on this vacation in the first place is already sick of me and this vacation…LET ME ON THE BUS! 

Keep the $10! I could give a damn less!’

Finally, he had some real words of wisdom ‘Didn’t you read the map? It tells you everything you need to know?’

No, I didn’t read the map. I assumed my hotel would tell me all I needed to know. Apparently I was wrong.’

Now I’m getting irritated…read the map. Of course I did NOT read the map…why in the hell would I give you a $10 if I had read the freakin map?

While the bus driver and I are having a pissing contest, Cory is actually doing something constructive and searching his pockets for change. He finds just enough and hands it over.

That seems to satisfy Mr. Did you read the Map and he shuts the bus doors. As he is pulling away and I am staring out the window thinking how stupid the bus driver is, he turns and asks

‘Did your hotel also tell you that to get to stop 18, you need to get on the red line and that includes a transfer?’

Eff this. We’re taking a cab on the way home.

We did finally arrive at Joes and did have a good dinner. Complete with balloon sword fights, line dancing and Cory getting a case of the crabs. And I would like to point out, I didn’t have to read a map to do it.

$2.25 bus fare
$95 dinner at Joe’s
$12 cab ride with no MAPS….Priceless.

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