Sunday, November 13, 2011


We are back from our fabulous trip. I have so, so many pictures and details from it all. It was exhilarating and exhausting. Nothing tests your love of family, kids and your marriage more than going on an extended family vacation together.
I’ve decided to break it down into a day by day account, hopefully able to remember it all. Typing what I can on the 4-hour plane ride while kids sleep should help. I hope I can do justice to all the things we saw and experienced over the last 7 days…it was incredible.

Day One ~ Flying to Orlando
We were able to get a nonstop flight. Non-stop FUN! Well. Ok, not really where the fun started. Jayden did great, he was on a row with his long lost brother Cole. They watched movies, played IPod games and had snacks for all 4.5 hours. Casey on the other hand ~was not so entertained. He survived the trip by torturing his parents with whining, squirming, and flaying about the airplane. Did I mention whining? All the while saying ‘I want my wienie MOMMY!!!’  Which unknown to our fellow air passengers is really his blanket and not his private parts. I am not sure why he calls it that. It went from blankie, to a woobie, to his wienie. All the while adorable in the privacy of our own home, not so much in public.

At the end of the flight, the people behind us said ‘What an adorable little boy!’ Cory and I are looking around like, alright where is the adorable boy and why are you rubbing it our face that our child isn’t so adorable on a 4.5 hour plane ride? Turns out, they did mean US! So, all I can chalk it up too is that it always seems worse when it’s your own child and not someone else’s. On the other hand, those people could’ve slept the entire flight and no idea what a little brat he was. I will go with the first option.

We ventured to our hotel room in Orlando, where we shared a suite with my parents. They had their own room and we had ours, with a connecting family room in the middle. It was fun to share a room with them, I’m sure they didn’t think it was so great as we were yelling at the boys most the time…I really try to remain calm on vacation so everyone can have a great time but my kids are out of control in public. So, we are unlike the Brady Bunch in the fact that Mom will yell when you’re in trouble and she doesn’t care whose listening! 

There were a lot of fun times too..The stay was complete with Casey telling grandma Jo ‘Get in!’ while he was taking a bath, so she did just that! Her and grandpa climbed right in with him! 

With my parents spending the summers in Star Valley and both working full time, it is nice to get to spend time with them and the boys. 

We were thankful for the warm Florida sun. We shed our coats and levi’s and even had a day at the pool…the hotel staff asked if we were from the North, since they wouldn’t be caught dead at the pool in the high 70’s low 80’s. 

Yes to us it was a heat wave! 

To be continued....

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