Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm only a little behind in posting. Aren't we all?

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to head down to St. George with my Auntie to see one of the last showings of Grease at Tuachan for the season. She has time in WorldMark Resorts and we scored a 3 bedroom condo for two nights :) Since we had such a big condo, I called one of my besties...Kallie.

We had a blast...no real agendas other than the play Tuesday night. We had yummy dinners and spent 6 hours at the pool. Yes..6 hours with no interruptions, diaper changes, making sure children don't drown, or fighting boys. I read an entire novel and soaked up the sunshine. We cleaned up and headed to the play. It wasn't as good as the movie, they changed some things to clean it up.

Y'all know me and my gutter mind..I prefer the original Ü

It was a short and perfect trip, full of late nights chatting about family, work, friends, husbands and SEX.

We laughed and laughed. Like good friends DO.


Waiting in line for our seats at Tuachan


It wouldn't be a trip if I weren't posing and sticking out my ghetto BOO-Tay!


Can you tell my face got fried in the sun? I was reading a book and looking down the whole time..= red face and white neck. I should've re-thought that plan.


Tuachan = Gorgeous!


I've secretly always wanted to be Sandy, tight leather pants and all! Maybe next year for Halloween!

I had a wonderful time and it was long over due to reconnect with my friend. I'm so thankful to have friends that I can trust with anything, call when needed and know she'll be there. I love her like a sister and I believe our bond is just as tight.

Kallie my dear, you are simply amazing ♥ you!

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Kallie said...

Aww, thanks Kim I love you too! It was a much needed girls getaway for me too!! Thanks so much for inviting me, we always pick right up where we left off. Even if it has been weeks since we last talked.

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