Friday, December 9, 2011

Cast Away Kay - The lost post

I'm not sure why this didn't get posted, it was set for November 19th...hmmm. Well, can't leave Day six from our cruise here you go!

Day Six ~ Cast Away Kay

Disney has their own island, to which they've morphed into a kids dream land. The island has family beaches, roped off sections so marine life can't get in, snorkeling, shopping, water slides in the ocean, life guards and of course..non stop characters including Mickey & Minnie!

We docked from 9 am - 5 pm and only one ship docks at a time. Once you see how many people were on the ship you'll understand why this is important. We had a blast sunning, playing in the sand and ocean. We took turns snorkeling, there wasn't much to see because it's roped off, but they had Mickey's treasure hidden in the bottom and some neat fish. You could also go on a kayak ride, bike rides around the island and an all teens area for the kids to be entertained all day. They had swimming with sting rays too, those were all extra excursions. 

The food is all included with what you would've gotten on the cruise so it's all you can eat and all free! 

Here is one of the play areas with slides that go straight into the ocean. Jayden is the little one on the right with the yellow life jacket. It was right about there he turned around and decided it was too deep for his liking. 

This is the family beach, no one lives on this island, these are all people just from our ship...yikes!

On the left is the snorkeling area and the right is where you could swim. Jayden is right on the rope and this is where him and Harrison started yelling SHARK! Needless to say, when people starting exciting the water, the Disney patrol came over and asked them to play their shark came in a whisper as not to scare the other visitors!

Jayden attempts snorkeling!

The view walking back to the ship

From our balcony

This is the view from our balcony looking back onto the island. The dark line across the water is where it is fenced off from the outside ocean and you can see the family beaches. 

It was a great day, the boys had fun in the water as usual and dancing Cha Cha Slide with Minnie and Mickey. The vacation was long and so much fun! I can't believe how lucky I am to be blessed with such generous family to give us this opportunity. Like any family vacation, there were a lot of frustrating times with the boys. Being tired and out of the normal schedule can be hard, but well worth it. Cory's still adamant he didn't have a great time and still isn't a vacation type man ~ secretly I think a part of him enjoyed watching the kids explore and see everything. 

It's great to be home and back in routine. After a million loads of laundry and packing/unpacking again, we're all settled back in the COLD weather and home. I hope you enjoyed all the details of the trip, here's to the holidays just around the corner!

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