Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Aboard!

Day Four ~ Disney Dream

We headed out on yet another shuttle ride, this time to for our Disney Dream Cruise!

I loved Jayden’s reaction to seeing the boat…well…ok there are many parts to being a mother. The responsible mother in me was shocked and the kid in me was laughing…he sees the ship out the window and yells

‘JESUS that’s big!’

Well…that’s one way to put it. Technically, he could’ve said ‘Jeez that’s big!’

We made it through baggage check and then waited with the other four hundred and fifty thousand guests. We passed the time by meeting Minnie and Mickey with pictures. Which come to find out, Jayden is NOT a fan of getting photo’s with grown people in furry costumes and Casey IS a big fan and even gave Minnie a kiss on the nose J, moving on to getting Jayden his ID bracelet for the boat and my favorite…people watching.

Did you know that people go on Disney Cruises without kids? I mean, I love Mickey and all…but if I didn’t do this for my kids, I’d be rockin the boat on Royal Caribbean in more ways than one!

We finally get on board and it takes my kids all of about two seconds to find the lunch buffet, free coke and ICE CREAM!

24-7 Ice Cream.

It really is like these people on the boat have never eaten like this and they are all hoarding food and going back for second and thirds to get their money’s worth. The ones that aren’t eating, are jumping into the Mickey pool and the Aqua Duck tube slide that is the entire length of the ship. Characters are all over the place and people are going crazy with Disney!

Our room was wonderful, with bunk beds, comfortable down feather beds for the parents and we had our own verandah, which is really a nice way to say private deck.

The cruise was very nice and the food was delicious. They have a huge screen on deck with the pools that played Disney movies the entire time day and night. A real inside movie theatre that played the latest movies all day, comedians, a Broadway play the first night highlighting all of Disney over the years. We had character meet n greats all over the ship, and dancing before dinners. Casey walked right up to a girl who was dressed up singing and just started dancing with her!

The twins had their own deck for teens and we hardly saw them. Brynne took Jayden and Harrison to the detective lab and Oceener club. We played Goofy Golf on the top deck, basketball and spent most of our time on the ship at the pool. They had a Nemo pool for toddlers with slides, jumping fountains and all. The pools were all heated, the towels were warm in cabinets and the soda was free! Nonstop cartoons on TV in your room and the nicest staff you’ve ever met.

Our first night to dinner, they had all the kids names on cups waiting for them along with crayons and every night after, the staff knew our names and what we liked to drink and it was waiting for us when we got there. We had a different dining room each night, but the staff stayed the same with you. Our favorite place was Arturo’s Palate. They had giant LCD screens that made it look like you were in an aquarium with talking Nemo’s and Crush the turtles.

Pirates night was a blast, we all decked our pirate gear and headed to the top deck for dancing with the characters and fireworks after dinner. Little girls wore princess dresses and the boys had pirate or goofy hats. They had hair braiding, fake tattoos and anything you wanted you got. The twins got double dinner and dessert every night and Casey raided every housekeeping cart for the ‘cookies’ which were little chocolates.
I'd like to interrupt this post and just say....Don't I have the CUTEST PARENTS EVER!!!!

One night while waiting for dinner, Casey hit some kind of button and two huge doors starting closing this big group of people off from the rest of the boat and an alarm started going off. I was having an heart attack the whole time and the worse part of it was everyone knew it was my CHILD that hit the button. It took five cruise ship staff to get the doors to stop opening and shutting, one of them looked and me and said ‘He’ll need to leave the ship now’ of course he was kidding but I was DYING!

All in all, the ship was amazing and it really is geared towards kids with still activities for adults. Because it is so pricey, my suggestion would be to go when your kids are between 7-15 in age. That way, it's not so hard on you to control them on the ship and in close quarters and most of the activities seemed to favor those ages. That way, you're not quite so ready to strangle your kiddies or your spouse! Ü

More pictures of the cruise will be posted to my FB account!

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Kallie said...

I agree with you 100%, I wouldn't go on a Disney cruise without my kids. That made me laugh, the part about Casey pushing the button. I mean who lets their kids do something like that?? Hahaha....

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