Monday, November 28, 2011

Little Balls

Jayden 'Casey! Don't touch my balls, they are my privacy.'

Me 'Jayden.....' I say while giving him the mother eye.

Jayden 'What Mom? That's what they are, see little balls AND they are my privacy.'

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Atlantis, Nassau

Day Five – Nassau, Bahamas

I could really take four or five posts to describe this day. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a vacation girl, I love to visit strange and faraway places. 

I have been here once before with Cory on a cruise and I hope to go there again and stay at Altantis. Nassau is beautiful, breath taking and an intriguing place and I’ve only seen a glimpse.

I’ll let my pictures be the guide for most of this post, but here are a few things to know. You could spend an entire week at this resort and still not see all there is to see. It takes 20 minutes just to walk from the main entrance to the actual water park. Along the way are aquariums, fountains, beach views and the most beautiful landscaping you've ever seen. They had the biggest sting ray's I have ever seen...they had to be at least 5 feet wide and are so fast!

We went through the lazy river, that puts all other lazy rivers to shame. It covers the entire length of the water park, has different turns and twists and actual rapids that you find yourself gripping onto the handles of your tube. You go up a conveyor belt..yes, the rich don't walk, they get taken up to the water slides via conveyor belt like a piece of luggage. The water was heated, so even though it was overcast most the day it was wonderfully warm. 

We had two horrendous down pours of rain, which came out of no where and was the heaviest rainstorms I've seen in a long time. Then as quick as it had started, it was gone with blue skies again. 

Laurie and I went on a few water slides together, most of the tube slides were in a big tower so you couldn't see what kind of slide your going down. I've decided this is a good and a bad thing. Basically, you're flinging yourself into a blue tube and hoping you make it out the other end! One of which was straight down and dumped you into a pool inside a cave. I pushed off and went straight down...I kept my eyes shut and plugged my nose, screaming all the way. Next thing I knew, I was under water and when I came to the top, all I could see when I opened my eyes, was an aquarium of fish so I thought there were fish in the pool with me and I starting screaming..all of which Laurie witnessed and thought was extremely hysterical...rude.

The boys had fun in the kiddie land, with endless mini water slides from one kiddie pool to the next, sea horse fountains and padded pools. We saw the twins once or twice in the lazy river and they had perma grins on their faces. Jayden and Harry kept content going on the same mini slides one thousand times and Casey was happy as long as Daddy was by his side. 

It was a GREAT day.

Do you see the arch between the two buildings? It is one suite, once you've been on a waiting list for 3 years it can be yours for the bargain price of $25,000.00 a night with a 5 night minimum! Michael Jackson was a frequent visitor. Yes, I put our name on the list ;)  

Some of the many pools, and falls around the resort. Full of colorful fish, sharks, turtles and sting rays. 

Jayden and Harry stopping just long enough to say CHEESE!

 One of the kiddie pools, you can see the slide to the top left from the upper pool to this area.

Daddy and Casey

Here is the tower where the slides take you through the shark tank. The steep slide up front drops you right into a tube inside the tank..I opted to NOT go down that. Inside the tower is a tube slide that takes you through the building then dumps you into the tube below, if you look close you can see the people inside and the shark on top! It was very neat and spooky. The glass wasn't very transparent so you're concentrating on finding the sharks in the water then all of a sudden he's on top of you! Yes, I screamed every time Ü

This is the top view looking down into the aquarium pictured above.  

Nassau, Bahamas 2011

I would recommend this place to ANYONE! It would take you at least one full week to see the entire water park, all the private beaches and shops that surround this amazing facility. This was by far, my favorite stop on the cruise. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Aboard!

Day Four ~ Disney Dream

We headed out on yet another shuttle ride, this time to for our Disney Dream Cruise!

I loved Jayden’s reaction to seeing the boat…well…ok there are many parts to being a mother. The responsible mother in me was shocked and the kid in me was laughing…he sees the ship out the window and yells

‘JESUS that’s big!’

Well…that’s one way to put it. Technically, he could’ve said ‘Jeez that’s big!’

We made it through baggage check and then waited with the other four hundred and fifty thousand guests. We passed the time by meeting Minnie and Mickey with pictures. Which come to find out, Jayden is NOT a fan of getting photo’s with grown people in furry costumes and Casey IS a big fan and even gave Minnie a kiss on the nose J, moving on to getting Jayden his ID bracelet for the boat and my favorite…people watching.

Did you know that people go on Disney Cruises without kids? I mean, I love Mickey and all…but if I didn’t do this for my kids, I’d be rockin the boat on Royal Caribbean in more ways than one!

We finally get on board and it takes my kids all of about two seconds to find the lunch buffet, free coke and ICE CREAM!

24-7 Ice Cream.

It really is like these people on the boat have never eaten like this and they are all hoarding food and going back for second and thirds to get their money’s worth. The ones that aren’t eating, are jumping into the Mickey pool and the Aqua Duck tube slide that is the entire length of the ship. Characters are all over the place and people are going crazy with Disney!

Our room was wonderful, with bunk beds, comfortable down feather beds for the parents and we had our own verandah, which is really a nice way to say private deck.

The cruise was very nice and the food was delicious. They have a huge screen on deck with the pools that played Disney movies the entire time day and night. A real inside movie theatre that played the latest movies all day, comedians, a Broadway play the first night highlighting all of Disney over the years. We had character meet n greats all over the ship, and dancing before dinners. Casey walked right up to a girl who was dressed up singing and just started dancing with her!

The twins had their own deck for teens and we hardly saw them. Brynne took Jayden and Harrison to the detective lab and Oceener club. We played Goofy Golf on the top deck, basketball and spent most of our time on the ship at the pool. They had a Nemo pool for toddlers with slides, jumping fountains and all. The pools were all heated, the towels were warm in cabinets and the soda was free! Nonstop cartoons on TV in your room and the nicest staff you’ve ever met.

Our first night to dinner, they had all the kids names on cups waiting for them along with crayons and every night after, the staff knew our names and what we liked to drink and it was waiting for us when we got there. We had a different dining room each night, but the staff stayed the same with you. Our favorite place was Arturo’s Palate. They had giant LCD screens that made it look like you were in an aquarium with talking Nemo’s and Crush the turtles.

Pirates night was a blast, we all decked our pirate gear and headed to the top deck for dancing with the characters and fireworks after dinner. Little girls wore princess dresses and the boys had pirate or goofy hats. They had hair braiding, fake tattoos and anything you wanted you got. The twins got double dinner and dessert every night and Casey raided every housekeeping cart for the ‘cookies’ which were little chocolates.
I'd like to interrupt this post and just say....Don't I have the CUTEST PARENTS EVER!!!!

One night while waiting for dinner, Casey hit some kind of button and two huge doors starting closing this big group of people off from the rest of the boat and an alarm started going off. I was having an heart attack the whole time and the worse part of it was everyone knew it was my CHILD that hit the button. It took five cruise ship staff to get the doors to stop opening and shutting, one of them looked and me and said ‘He’ll need to leave the ship now’ of course he was kidding but I was DYING!

All in all, the ship was amazing and it really is geared towards kids with still activities for adults. Because it is so pricey, my suggestion would be to go when your kids are between 7-15 in age. That way, it's not so hard on you to control them on the ship and in close quarters and most of the activities seemed to favor those ages. That way, you're not quite so ready to strangle your kiddies or your spouse! Ü

More pictures of the cruise will be posted to my FB account!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pool Day

Day Three – Pool Day

We had a quiet day at the pool, it was not as warm as we would have liked but much better than snow at home. Playing with Dad in the pool, taking a nap with Daddy and I had time to sit in the window and enjoy the warmth of the sun while reading The Help occupied our Saturday afternoon.

That evening we headed to Joe’s Crab Shack for some dinner. To get there we had to ride the ‘I-Ride’ which is a trolley that goes around town. The front desk told me where to catch the ride along with the bus stop number to get to Joe’s. Cory, the boys and I headed out to get some Green family time. We waited for the shuttle to come and when it did, I handed the bus driver a $10. 

He asked ‘What’s that?’

‘Uh, it’s to pay our way.’ I reply as I'm thinking, have you never seen a $10 bill before?  Freakin jackwagon!

As he is pointing to the sign on the machine ‘exact change only.’ 

It is only $2.25 he tells me, which is all great and fun… but all I had was a $10, so I said,

‘Oh no! The hotel didn’t tell me that, all I have is a $10.’

Then we proceeded to have a stare down, the grumpy bus driver looking at me like ‘Listen lady, if you want on this bus ~ you need to give me $2.25’ and I’m thinking ‘Are you freaking kidding me? I’ve been standing here with my two kids for 20 minutes, they are hungry and grumpy and my husband who didn’t want to come on this vacation in the first place is already sick of me and this vacation…LET ME ON THE BUS! 

Keep the $10! I could give a damn less!’

Finally, he had some real words of wisdom ‘Didn’t you read the map? It tells you everything you need to know?’

No, I didn’t read the map. I assumed my hotel would tell me all I needed to know. Apparently I was wrong.’

Now I’m getting irritated…read the map. Of course I did NOT read the map…why in the hell would I give you a $10 if I had read the freakin map?

While the bus driver and I are having a pissing contest, Cory is actually doing something constructive and searching his pockets for change. He finds just enough and hands it over.

That seems to satisfy Mr. Did you read the Map and he shuts the bus doors. As he is pulling away and I am staring out the window thinking how stupid the bus driver is, he turns and asks

‘Did your hotel also tell you that to get to stop 18, you need to get on the red line and that includes a transfer?’

Eff this. We’re taking a cab on the way home.

We did finally arrive at Joes and did have a good dinner. Complete with balloon sword fights, line dancing and Cory getting a case of the crabs. And I would like to point out, I didn’t have to read a map to do it.

$2.25 bus fare
$95 dinner at Joe’s
$12 cab ride with no MAPS….Priceless.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sea World

 Day Two~ Sea World

Boarding the shuttle promptly at 9am, which really means we were down stairs by 8:50 and passed the time watching Casey go in and out of the revolving doors and calling every old person he saw Grandpa. After the bus ride, we headed into SeaWorld. Cory and I have been there together when we first started dating, and we were excited to share that with the boys. It was an obvious choice when tickets to Universal Studios were $189 a/piece and Sea World was $81 and kids got in free. We wanted to save our big expense for Atlantis.

Feeding the sting rays would be at the top of my list, they felt like little suction cups on my arm. You held little brine shrimp between your fingers and held your hand at the bottom of the pool. Before you knew it, they were swarming! The twins would not hold the shrimp telling me I was crazy for doing that…I thought they were neat to touch and how often to you get to do that?

We saw the dolphins, and all types of aquariums. Sea World is a bit different than I remember from way back ~ now they have roller coasters! One of our first stops was a coaster that you sit in and your feet hang down below then it pulls the row up so you are facing down and the track is behind your head and back. It has been so long since I have been on a coaster, I screamed and screamed until we went through a corkscrew and I’m not sure what happened to my scream but it was gone! It took my breath away and was so much fun! The twins were a blast to hang out with, like the little brothers I never had.

The boys loved Shamu, Jayden sat up front until Shamu soaked the first rows with about 3 tons of salt water..then he came running up the stairs screaming and flung himself into my lap and then we both had the pleasure of being soaked. Casey loved all the turtles and fishies, they even had a kiddie play land with rides similar to the toddler area at Lagoon. His favorite item of the day was a little shamu stuffed animal courtesy of Aunt Laurie, to which he affectionately calls ‘My shaa-moo’ We all have to kiss shaa-moo goodnight, hug shaa-moo and be quiet to not upset shaa-moo. Ü

We ended the day at the shuttle at 5 pm and boy did it feel like midnight. After resting at the hotel for a bit the four of us headed to Golden Corral and took the twins. Nowhere else can the boys get as much food as their little heart’s desire for such a good price. Jayden also seemed to like it and it sealed the deal with the chocolate fountain like the one at home in Ogden.

This is a sample of what the twins plates looked like....and don't worry they had 3 a piece. Then dessert!

Cole had a waitress call him Babe, Uncle Cory and Ethan had a great time teasing him about it. Casey had his own love affair with a chocolate covered cupcake that ended in a nasty chocolate mess all over Casey, Mommy and Daddy.

I should also mention Jayden was kicked out of the dessert area for sticking his entire hand in the fountain. Yes – those are my kids.

Anyone else notice that my 14 yr old twin nephews are just a wee bit taller than their 5'8 mother??? I just noticed Brynne didn't make it in this picture...she must've been in a trance starring at all the FiSh!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


We are back from our fabulous trip. I have so, so many pictures and details from it all. It was exhilarating and exhausting. Nothing tests your love of family, kids and your marriage more than going on an extended family vacation together.
I’ve decided to break it down into a day by day account, hopefully able to remember it all. Typing what I can on the 4-hour plane ride while kids sleep should help. I hope I can do justice to all the things we saw and experienced over the last 7 days…it was incredible.

Day One ~ Flying to Orlando
We were able to get a nonstop flight. Non-stop FUN! Well. Ok, not really where the fun started. Jayden did great, he was on a row with his long lost brother Cole. They watched movies, played IPod games and had snacks for all 4.5 hours. Casey on the other hand ~was not so entertained. He survived the trip by torturing his parents with whining, squirming, and flaying about the airplane. Did I mention whining? All the while saying ‘I want my wienie MOMMY!!!’  Which unknown to our fellow air passengers is really his blanket and not his private parts. I am not sure why he calls it that. It went from blankie, to a woobie, to his wienie. All the while adorable in the privacy of our own home, not so much in public.

At the end of the flight, the people behind us said ‘What an adorable little boy!’ Cory and I are looking around like, alright where is the adorable boy and why are you rubbing it our face that our child isn’t so adorable on a 4.5 hour plane ride? Turns out, they did mean US! So, all I can chalk it up too is that it always seems worse when it’s your own child and not someone else’s. On the other hand, those people could’ve slept the entire flight and no idea what a little brat he was. I will go with the first option.

We ventured to our hotel room in Orlando, where we shared a suite with my parents. They had their own room and we had ours, with a connecting family room in the middle. It was fun to share a room with them, I’m sure they didn’t think it was so great as we were yelling at the boys most the time…I really try to remain calm on vacation so everyone can have a great time but my kids are out of control in public. So, we are unlike the Brady Bunch in the fact that Mom will yell when you’re in trouble and she doesn’t care whose listening! 

There were a lot of fun times too..The stay was complete with Casey telling grandma Jo ‘Get in!’ while he was taking a bath, so she did just that! Her and grandpa climbed right in with him! 

With my parents spending the summers in Star Valley and both working full time, it is nice to get to spend time with them and the boys. 

We were thankful for the warm Florida sun. We shed our coats and levi’s and even had a day at the pool…the hotel staff asked if we were from the North, since they wouldn’t be caught dead at the pool in the high 70’s low 80’s. 

Yes to us it was a heat wave! 

To be continued....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leave a message at the tone...

You can find us here.

Pinch me..I must be DrEaMiNG!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Disney Dream

I'm leaving just a few photos while we're gone...for you to enjoy until I get back and post OUR pictures.

I can't believe how excited I am!! Here is what awaits us....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's almost time...

I'm getting my posts ready to auto update...I won't have much time you see. Me and my guys have a date with someone special in the next is a sneak peak.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm only a little behind in posting. Aren't we all?

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to head down to St. George with my Auntie to see one of the last showings of Grease at Tuachan for the season. She has time in WorldMark Resorts and we scored a 3 bedroom condo for two nights :) Since we had such a big condo, I called one of my besties...Kallie.

We had a real agendas other than the play Tuesday night. We had yummy dinners and spent 6 hours at the pool. Yes..6 hours with no interruptions, diaper changes, making sure children don't drown, or fighting boys. I read an entire novel and soaked up the sunshine. We cleaned up and headed to the play. It wasn't as good as the movie, they changed some things to clean it up.

Y'all know me and my gutter mind..I prefer the original Ü

It was a short and perfect trip, full of late nights chatting about family, work, friends, husbands and SEX.

We laughed and laughed. Like good friends DO.


Waiting in line for our seats at Tuachan


It wouldn't be a trip if I weren't posing and sticking out my ghetto BOO-Tay!


Can you tell my face got fried in the sun? I was reading a book and looking down the whole time..= red face and white neck. I should've re-thought that plan.


Tuachan = Gorgeous!


I've secretly always wanted to be Sandy, tight leather pants and all! Maybe next year for Halloween!

I had a wonderful time and it was long over due to reconnect with my friend. I'm so thankful to have friends that I can trust with anything, call when needed and know she'll be there. I love her like a sister and I believe our bond is just as tight.

Kallie my dear, you are simply amazing ♥ you!
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